ICAN Aero 40 disc wheels opinion

I want to know if anyone has tried the ICAN aero wheels. I was looking at the Aero 40 Disc wheels here & wanted to get some opinions on whether should I go for it or rather save up on some known brands. The specs look impressive but I question the hub, bearings & crosswind stability.


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I can’t comment on their disc offerings, but I have a set of their 50mm rim brake version. They’re fine… I’d trust them, as they’re one of the bigger name open mold wheels companies. But with that said… I’d take these all day for the same price essentially… They’ve got several options if you look around…(XD or Shimano)

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They are a budget CN wheel. I’ve got a set of rim brake ones that are fine. I wouldn’t ride (rim brake) them down a mountain, but they seem well built enough. For $750 (free shipping; $730 on Amazon) for novatech hubs with bottom quality bearings, nice spokes, and a generic rim…that’s borderline too much. The biggest issue is that the rim is too narrow by current standards. You’d be better off with a wider rim, that’s setup for a 23c/proper 25c tops - these don’t exist today.

The Renynolds above are a good idea. Lightbicycle is also a better known quantity with wider rims, but you’ll need to wait a bit for delivery. 700C Gravel-Optimized-Aero-Shape 46mm depth hand-built carbon road disc wheels - 28mm wide and tubeless compatible

Thanks guys. I currently have Bontrager Aeolus Comp 5 on my Trek Madone SL6 & I initially thought of getting the Aeolus Pro 5 but it didn’t seem like it would be worth it as the weight differential is just 140 gms and they both share similar aerodynamics.
I will look at these Reynolds and Lightbicycle wheels.

Wider is going to be the biggest gain. You’re looking for something around 27mm + wide.

Got it. Thanks this helps as I am no expert on wheels

As far as I know the ican wheels are of good quality, the aero wheels I bought two years ago still run well. You can also see many good reviews on youtube, which will convince you.
If you want to run the wheels in the mountains, It is recommended to choose a wheel set with a wider rim, such as Aero 35 disc wheels, if you are only road riding, aero 40 will be a good choice.

It depends on what they cost.

The rim itself is probably pretty overbuilt, as most of these generic rims are overbuilt. This is a disc brake, so you don’t need to worry about braking.

These are 27mm wide, so you can run a 25c tire on the front and be aero. The alpha series might be better than if you want to run a 28.

These have a pretty basic hub, but everything else seems OK and you can upgrade to a DT Swiss SP hub later if you want. If you want to get something with a decent hub, you’re looking at $900 delivered these days from most CN vendors.

I run ican disc wheels on my cx bike for commuting and training. Haven’t had any problem in over 2 years. Not sure about performance benefits but so far so good in my experience