Winspace wheels/frames

Hello I would love to hear peoples opinion on winspace wheels and frames

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have you checked cam nicholls on his YT channel, he has made a series of videos regarding his winspace frame and wheel build.

hope that will help.


Yes I watched a couple of his vids but was wondering from a person that bought them. Not from a person that’s probably getting paid to review. Thanks for the suggestion tho :+1:

I’ve got the hyper 65mm rim brake wheels. They seem to roll super quick once you get up to 40km/h+.
They have been through plenty of potholes and crashes with only the rear wheel coming ever so slightly out of true.
I don’t ride in the wet, but braking in the dry is just as good as my aluminium brake track wheels.

And do feel very stiff heard people say there to stiff

Cam Nicholls on YouTube sanded the paint off a frame and had someone evaluate the build quality. The consensus was that they are well made. I think the engineer guy on teh Peak Torque channels has also reviewed their products.

I wouldn’t say they are abnormally stiff, probably the same as any other 65mm full carbon rims. I also run tubeless tyres so that reduces some of the road vibrations.

If you wait for about 1 to 3 more months, I will be comparing Lún HYPERs with other Chinese carbon wheels like YOELEO SAT PRO, Farsports Ventoux S, and more.
I prepared multiple in-house and outside tests to determine how they stand up against each other.
Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to not miss out on the reviews and results. :slight_smile:

Can anyone in here comment on the T1500 frame?

Im thinking about buying one but not sure if this is an upgrade or not to my current Allez Sprint.

How’s that working out for you? :thinking:

I published reviews of all wheels on my website. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished the videos yet.