Do stoplights impact AI FTP or progression levels?

I’m hoping to hear from @Nate_Pearson or @ambermalika on this.

I just finished SSB2 week 5 and I’m heading into the endurance week. I’d like to do my endurance rides outdoors. I hear you guys tout the ability to do structured TR workouts outside.

My concern is that TR typically counts a w/o as failed if you don’t finish the “on” phase of the intervals. When the workout is like z2 for 60 minutes, how does that work if you’re outside?

There is no chance I can find a road long enough and stoplight free enough to put in an uninterrupted 60 min stretch.

I’ve put in a LOT of work over the last 5 weeks and I don’t want to lose anything wrt my next FTP estimate just because my upcoming rides are full of stops.


Thankfully, all your effort is known by - most importantly - you! And the gains are felt by you. Whether HAL credits you for a ride is somewhat pointless.

Just assign your outdoor ride to the workout you want and all will be ok. If you reeeeally feel like whatever AI predicted FTP estimate has been short changed, then test it yourself with a ramp/8min/20min.

You didnt put all the effort in so you could satisfy the Adaptive Training AI.


The full scope of ride data used for AI FTP is far, far more complex than pass/fail of your workouts, and is absolutely equipped to examine outside unstructured rides (and everything that goes along with it, like stop lights). Don’t worry. :wink:

If you feel like AI FTP Estimate is crazy off or yielding a wildly inaccurate result, please contact so they can double-check that all of your workouts and rides are being accounted for appropriately.


Thanks, Ivy. To be clear, though, I was thinking about loading my endurance rides from TR into my head unit and doing it outside - albeit with dozens of stops. I think if I did that kind of workout on my trainer, it would give me the fail survey “Hey bro, you sick?”

Since it’s not truly an interval workout, should I even bother trying to do the TR workout outside? Should I instead just go do 60 minutes where I’m in z2 whenever possible for example?

Thanks again.

Yes. I, myself, just uploaded weeks of unstructured outside ride (riverside beer-stops included haha), and the algorithm in all its sophistication and complexity, provided a very accurate FTP Estimate.

We account for this when unstructured rides are uploaded. All good, dont stress!


Does it down grade estimates from the beer drinking? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there a TR recommended option for this?

I’ve got a recovery week starting today and was going to do them outside. Is it better to push the workout to my Garmin and do it as an outside workout or just go ride and then upload it as an unstructured ride?

Doesn’t matter to me either way, just curious if there is a difference to AT.

Yes, there is a difference in AT. When making potential plan adaptations, AT does not account for unstructured rides that arent associated with TR workouts.