Do not use AirPods Pro 2 for ANC with fan/wind noise

I know this may be a niche subject but the active noise cancellation on the AirPods Pro 2 is markedly worse for wind noise than the first gen version. When I ride the trainer I have 2 Lasko 4900 fans blowing at my upper body and 2 from the ground facing up. The wind noise is very loud and sustained riding without ear protection would leave my ears ringing. I started using the first gen AirPod Pros when they came out and the did an excellent job dulling or eliminating a lot of the wind noise.

I got the second gen AirPod Pros this past week and they do not block any high frequency sounds, especially wind noise. It’s as if the ANC blocks out the lower frequency sounds but lets the higher frequencies right through. I tried out multiple eartips and it happens with them all, I’m hoping it’s a software issue that will be fixed but I would advise against getting the second gen pros if you were planning to use them on the trainer.


Wow. That would be a real shocker if they can’t fix it. The AirPods Pro were massively better at blocking fan noise than the competition.

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Got some yesterday and taking them back as they are uncomfortable and I also hear a hissing sound when I put them on. All good though as I am one of the people that love the airpods gen3 fit and sound wise.

Shox headphones (bone conduction style) with foam ear plugs. Ear plugs so the wind noise and still get great audio plus great sweat resistant


FWIW this hasn’t been my experience switching from the og Airpods Pro to the Pro 2. I used the original model for multiple years during workouts, eventually switching to Comply foam eartips. Only two workouts into the Pro 2 model (with the stock tips) and they are quite comparable to me so far. I also really like that there is volume change on the Pro 2.

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Not my experience with the Aftershox versions prior. Had two of them die pretty quickly as dedicated trainer headsets. my $14.99 no name brand buds have been going strong over twice as long as the Aftershox combined.

Been using the aeropex (called openrun now) for the last two years without sweat problems. The earlier version I had were cheaper and less comfortable (titanium, I think)

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I think that was the model and yes, they were uncomfortable too.

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The section between the ear part and the electronics was not flexible with those so wearing with glasses caused pressure points. The aeropex is very flexible there so works much better for comfort

I’ve also been using that setup for awhile. Only issue I’ve had is the battery life doesn’t seem to be as good indoors as outdoors for some reason.

Also nice for riding/running/yardwork b/c I can still hear what’s going on around me.

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Just had my Aftershocks die on the trainer tonight after 6 years of solid sweat drenched use. One of the arms seemed to have just worn through. I ordered a new pair straightaway while drinking my recovery shake. They are an awesome product.

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Lasko blower fans are overrated. The air is too directed and has too much pressure - the fan is quiet, but it’s noisy when it hits you. When you ride outside does the wind hit your body in 6x12" spot at 60mph? It’s always going to be uncomfortable. I went this direction and swung around back to low speed, high coverage

An open or box fan just throws loud, turbulent, slow moving air out there, a drum fan directs it over a wide area more quietly, a vornado-type fan shoots a 15" round circle of air at you, and a blower fan shoots a fast small area of air at you. In my experience, covering your whole body with an even flow of slow-ish moving air is the most comfortable. The ducted and Vornado air stream is too narrow and too fast. Some of the larger drum fans shoot air at a 45deg angle from the center of the blade so it doens’t knock itself over. Try 2-3 larger diameter fans (18" - 30" fans) on low at an sideways angle, hitting your whole body and getting some airflow behind your back. I’ve got two of these and the noise isn’t bad on low - maybe borrow some from your neighbors to test some different configs out.

I know there is a lot of love for Lasko fans, however for a single fan I still prefer my old yellow Vornado from Costco.

When its 80+ degrees in the garage, a pretty good combo is Vornado + Lasko in front, and a smaller Vornado pointed at the back of my head.

No problems listening to podcasts with my OG AirPods Pro.

And this one:

a Dayton fan at the gym, it is the best of all.

If I move bike #26 so that my back is facing the dark blue wall, with my back about 12 inches from the wall, and move the fan 4 feet in front of me, I have the MOST awesome cooling of both front and back.

Dayton fan in gym. Back up against the wall. Best. Fan. Ever.

No problems listening to podcasts in the gym with my OG AirPods Pro.

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I’ve had the exact same experience! The 1st gen have been outstanding and so when they announced the new ones I pre-ordered straight away. I’ll be sending them back.

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The Dayton-type shop fans looks to be the money because of the diameter and noise. Expensive though. Try it at about 1:00-130 off center. Don’t compromise on #26 - once you find a Spin bike Stages that reads right, you don’t leave it.

I haven’t tried one, but I’d want to see if fires on-center or it sprays a V-pattern without any air on-center. The drum fan was a bit WTF moment with zero air in the middle 16in and the donut of air shooting laterally out of the blades in the drum.

Vornados are quiet but too directed and the biggest is like 14-16”. It’s a face fan. Ideally you want you primary fan firing a stream wider than your shoulders, so that’s 2-vornados side by side at shoulder level and another hitting your knees.

For what its worth I have some Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds 2 (reportedly the best noise cancellation there is) and they do not fully block the wind noise from fans. Depends very much on which way your head is oriented, there is the occasional whistle as the air moves past one of the mic’s.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 are best in class when it comes to cancelling out wind noise in my experience. I’ve tried other offerings from Sony, Apple, Bose, Samsung.

Thanks for sharing. I’d never even heard of these. How are they with sweat? Have you had them a long time?

I really like the AirPods Pro, but I’ve killed several of them on the trainer.

I’ve now had them for a month. I’m a heavy sweater and on the trainer for 12-15h per week. No issues with sweat so far. They have some kind of IPX rating but aren’t completely waterproof as far as I’m aware.
For me they also offer the most secure fit. Other in ears were starting to slip about an hour in a sweat heavy ride. With these I can ride for 5h without readjusting.


Interesting, I loved the original Pro’s and have been running the Pro 2’s since they launched. I’ve found the noise cancellation to be a step up (as advertised) and works really, really well with both trainer and fan running. Really pleased with them so far.

I’m running a 20 inch, 3 bladed fan directed at my face/torso, lots of air flow.