Experience with AirPods Pro

They’re IPX4 and marketed to be water & sweat resistant. I’m tired of wires that get caught on stuff.

  • Has anyone used these for TR workouts and/or running and would like to share experience?
  • I would expect they work well with my Mac (for TR workout) & iphone but do they work with garmin fenix for running?
  • I would worry about them coming off . Is there some trick to avoid that issue? and then how do you find them if they fall on the ground?

I know they’re expensive. Still I value the ease of use Apple typically provides: it just works.

Regular AirPods work great for me for running and cycling, including with my Garmin 945 with minimal dropouts. I’ve sweat all over them and used them in light rain no problem. So I assume the Airpods Pro would do all this just as well with the additional protection. I won’t try them because in-ear buds never work for me.


So i only just recently bit the bullet and got them.

They are fantastic for indoor rides and outdoor running and cycling. Pair fine with my fenix 6 as well.

The noise cancellation is great, it blocked out the hum from my trainer so i dont have to crank the volume up so high. Also amazing for podcasts.

You really dont feel them in but they just stay put.


I love mine and use then for workouts all the time. The only issue I have had so far was that the right ear bud started making a cracking noise. Apple replaced it under warranty, but I’m still leary of it happening again. Other than that, they sound and work great!

I have the standard ones. Love them. I use them on the turbo and for audax. I like the idea of the noise cancelling on the new ones.

Im on the fence about them or the Beats Wireless with the earhooks. I feel like that provides security, but also probably totally interferes with sunglasses. :roll_eyes:

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Most ear buds don’t fit my ears so I haven’t tried them. I really dont like wires, they get caught up in my helmet, dangling around on the trainer. When Im towards the end of a session and Im on the limit they can really get to me and I have to take them out.

Do the Airpods have different rubber pieces for your inner ear?

Yes, they come with 3 sizes of “gaskets”.

Love my Airpods Pro…especially the Transparency Mode. I ride with ear buds almost all the time (don’t @ me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and the TM is awesome.

Noise cancelling is excellent, as well, but I think the TM is a real boon to those of us who run / ride outside with headphones.


I have the previous generation. They work great on the trainer. For outdoor runs not so much. Guess my ears are incompatible as they keep falling out.

Yup, I use them both on the trainer and while running, then paired to a Forerunner 245. Also, I sometimes use them ins transparent mode on the bike outside. Works very well. They are great in every regard. The fit my ears, I have never fear of them falling out, transparent mode is great outside, noice canceling is great on the trainer (and in life generally). Sound is good. Yes, I sound like a fanboy, but yes, those Airpods Pro are very good.


Yep couldn’t vouch for them enough, not a big techie and i’m sure there are ‘better’ for the value but they drown out my big fan and i dont have to crank the volume to 10 to hear music

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Been using mine indoor and out for about two months and haven’t had any issues. Noise canceling inside and transparency mode outside.

They’re also quite nice for general, all-around use.


I also use Beats X at work as that have a hoop that goes around your nape which isn’t as much of an interference as I expected. Wind noise is about the same as the normal AirPods. The USP for the new ones would be the noise cancellation fo wind but I wonder if I could hear approaching traffic.

It’s all been said above, and you can find lots of people talking about how great they are in other posts, but one thing I haven’t seen much is to point out that they’re a HUGE improvement over regular AirPods when it comes to riding on the trainer. With regular AirPods, I could not watch Netflix or videos because I couldn’t hear over my Lasko fan. I would crank it up so loud it hurt without the fan, and then turn on the fan and hear nothing. With the Pro and noise canceling, I can keep the volume much lower and still hear every whisper, even with the Lasko blasting in my face. As Jonathan often quotes, “5 stars for sure”.

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Riding on a trainer, in ears are the best. I personally use Ultimate Ear Customs.

Riding or running on the road? If you MUST have music go with bone conduction like AfterShockz. Blocking out the environment on the road is purported to be one of the criteria for Darwin Award nomination. The fact is the only person looking out for you on the road is you.

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It all depends on how and where your ride…as well as how loud you have your volume.

I don’t blast my music when riding and can still hear approaching cars. Sure, I lose a few meters of “notice” but I am rarely surprised.

In addition, I live in the northern burbs of Chicago. The reality is that there is almost always a car behind me, so I ride that way at all times.

Love my Aftershockz. Their sunglasses with them built in are great.

I’d forgotten to switch off noise cancelling when out on the road the other day and it was pretty scary the first time a car overtook me.

Other than that they’re excellent. I’ve used a few wired and unwired pods before but I hadn’t appreciated the value of the sleek form factor on the airpods or their ease of use. No more scrabbling around in bluetooth settings!

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I bought AirPod Pros and could not get them to stay in my ears. I think I’m unusual though. Every time I tilted forward they’d fall out. They were good, though not as good as many claim - I was surprised at how much I could still hear with Active Noise Canceling on. But if they don’t stay in, what good are they? I couldn’t get them to stay in for even 60 seconds while running.

That said, I’m a big fan of Apple quality products (and their return policy!!!), so I returned mine and tried the Powerbeats Pro. Which I’ve found to be near perfect for me. They stay in no worries - cycling, running, gym, everything. No noise canceling, which is a real bummer. But I couldn’t find anything as high quality that we’re suitable for active wear, that would stay in my ears, but also do active noise canceling. Here’s hoping the next generation of Powerbeat Pros have ANC too.

I did consider waiting for the Nuraloops to come out later this month. But looking online I just wasn’t convinced the shape would be good for running.

They do have two additional sizes, but what’s even cooler is that in the setting there is an option to test the fit. It plays some music then tells you, for each side, whether it’s a good fit or you need adjust/try a different size! For me I ended up with the regular sized cover in one ear and a larger one in the other.