Do I need to get a New Smart Trainer?

I know this has been discussed in various posts on this forum - but this information gets outdated relatively quickly. So, I hope I can get your input here: I have a Kickr Snap and it has never really worked well. I have had it for 2+ years now. Somehow it doesn’t talk with the App (or Apps when I use TR and Zwift) and it gets the TR app on the phone to crash when I use Bluetooth. It doesn’t crash when I just use Ant+. It seems like my power data is all over the place. I also have a power meter (Assioma) but it also gets the App to crash when used in conjunction with the “smart” trainer. So, I stopped using it and tried to make do with the Kickr Snap in Resistance mode and with Ant+.

I am trying to get (more) serious with my training and this is getting frustrating. Do any of you have an idea how to fix this? Or, if not, what kind of trainer would you recommend for me? (What are the best ones - “bang for buck” - out there right now?)


Have you contacted for help yet?

That’s a good question. I did ask them to help when I just got the Trainer (2+ years ago) and it did work at first for a little bit but once I used both Zwift and TR concurrently. Now, I stopped using Zwift and it still isn’t working. Maybe I should ask them again.

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I would sure start there. They are super helpful and may well be able to get you fixed. Can’t hurt to try.

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Wahoo support too.
Also firmware updates?

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Good point. I actually tried to update the firmware but the Wahoo App doesn’t even let me go there. :confused: