Disable ANT+ or BT

I’ve taken the habit of running TR and Zwift in parallel, using Win10, TR on ANT+, Zwift on BT. Lately, I’m having issues with Zwift - running it alone, with power control fluctuating wildly in simulation mode, and also in dual mode, with Zwift trying to control the trainer even though it’s not configured to do so.

In trying to isolate the issue, I tried to ensure both apps are limited to one communication channel: TR on ANT+, Zwift on BT. In TR, in the device coupling screen, I see all 3 of my devices twice (trainer, HR, cadence, each in ANT+ and BT). But - I also see no way to tell TR to forget BT or ANT+. There are those two nice controls in green at the top right showing both communication channels as active - but no way to disable either. Am I missing something here?

As a side note, TR’s UI is a charm compared to Zwift. But they suffer from the same control issue. You see both channels, you see which one is active or not, but you can’t enable/disable either channel.

I run TR using ANT+ and Zwift via Bluetooth. I can do it the other way around as well, but this is my preferred setup. Start TR, get setup. Then start Zwift, enable laptop Bluetooth, pairing (power, cadence, HRM). Pedal and enjoy!

In TR, via the Advanced Settings, you can tell it to disable Bluetooth. This is for TR only, not for your laptop, meaning Bluetooth will still work for Zwift. This will prevent/disable TR from trying to use Bluetooth.


That’s what I was looking for - but I couldn’t find it. Mind you, I was in the middle of a workout, maybe it was disabled (or maybe I was disabled). I’ll check it again tonight fully awake. My IT skills at 5:30 in the morning are questionable at best.

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Works. And also apparently solved my TR + Zwift issue. I have the impression that TR grabbed the ANT+ channel, making it unavailble in Zwift (all ok), but somehow decided on connecting the trainer through BT, causing the push-pull between the 2 apps. This said, Zwift isn’t supposed to send power set commands when the trainer is connected in power meter mode, but who knows what they do.