Dirty Kanza 2019 Rider/Racer Discussion

I just got my confirmation email that I’m in for DK 200 this year! Super psyched but also a bit nervous as this will be my first attempt.

I know there are several if not more DK riders/racers here on the TR forum. I thought we could start a thread for sharing ideas on training, nutrition, equipment, etc. We can also check in with each other for moral support in training.

It would also be fun to meet out in Emporia and even group up with similar level riders as a sort of impromptu TR team. If there are enough of us, let’s lobby for @chad, @Jonathan, and @Nate_Pearson to come out and be our support team!


There are several DK threads already.
Maybe we need a new one here, but the existing ones may be worth using?


I’m in. First time. Haven’t even done a gravel race before. Ha. Yolo. I’d like to hear more from the vets

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Hi Chad

I’m fine consolidating. I started one of the training threads. I felt like this was different enough but I’ll defer to you if you think it’s better under my other thread!

That’s cool. I think this is the first Race/Event category one.
We can leave it here. Just wanted to check.

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I haven’t received anything. Any idea if they may be doing it by last name? Or any process at all?


I got my email at 6:02pm. Last name is Draper but don’t know anything about the process

Thanks. Just got me rejection letter. Whomp whomp. Hopefully I can get a transfer from someone. Good luck to everyone who got in.


Yep. I am IN!

Can’t wait to ride those roads again. I wonder if it will be another mud year? FaF? HaF? Hail!?? Tornado!?!?

One of the best feelings is riding into Madison for the 2nd time & seeing The Crew in the pits. Not as good as riding past the Corky statue, though.

We should all meet early enough to ride down & dip our bikes into Lake Wooster before the start. :rofl::rofl:

I’m in!
Been holding off on building my gravel bike until confirmation – time to order tubing and get going!

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Interesting Posts on my FB Wall Tonight. I am bummed that my old teammate did not get in and I think there has to be a better way of classifying!

From a Former Teammate that Rides 15,000 miles a year; So I guess 43rd overall & 3rd in 50-54 age group in DK last year wasn’t good enough to make the cut this year

From a Cycling Acquaintance: Well I guess that means I need to start getting back on my bike. LOL! 200 miles of gravel is not easy but that is why we do it.

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I got into my first dk200 for 2019 and was wondering what gearing is recommened from previous racers. I run a 1x11 currently with an 11-36 cassette and 44t chainring. I was thinking of going 42 or 40t for the chainring. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I raced last year and will be back this year. I run sram force 1 with a 44t cassette and 10-42 cassette.

Great. Nice to get feedback from someone who has done it before. Congrats on getting in this year again!

The following just from the perspective of a non-spectacular rider who has done the course (or all the hardest parts of it) four times.

That gearing is ok if you’re a real ass kicker.

I last race DK with a 38 tooth front ring and an 11-36.

Might as well ask about tires too. I’m going to order tires for the season soon. I’m on 650x47 Gravel Kings but thinking about riding 700…maybe WTB Resolutes in 42 or Riddler 37s?.

How wide should I go?

Thanks for your thoughts. I am leaning towards the 40t 11-36 setup. I’m thinking the lower gear will be helpful during the last 75+ miles :flushed:

@Gwoity the last 50 miles are pretty flat…~28 FUH intensity. The 2nd leg…Madison to Eureka…have the ‘big’ climbs where you’ll feel like you need one more gear: Texaco Hill, Teter Hill, Swing Creek Hill. But the 3rd leg is the one that will kill you. Nothing that will kill you on paper but just relentless rollers, wind, and heat.

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Great insights. Is the route similar every year?

Texaco Hill: Short Texaco Hill | Strava Ride Segment in Madison, Kansas
Teter Hill: Teter Hill | Strava Ride Segment in Eureka, KS
Swing Creek Hill: Swing Creek Hill | Strava Ride Segment in Eureka, Kansas

None of them seem too bad on Strava! :wink:

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