Dirty Kanza 2020 Lottery

Who’s all entering the lottery for DK this year? I’m going after the 200 this year with hopes to prep for DKXL in 2021.

Oh and I saw on IG that @Nate_Pearson signed up for the lottery! :grinning:


Some already mentioned their DK intents here:

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I’m out this year.

Doing 24 in the Canyon instead. Those two races are too close.

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Registered (I deferred my entry from last year).

Now to find housing.


I’m in. I tried to get into DKXL this year but, perhaps luckily did not lol.

I finished just before midnight last year, and hope I get in to try and race that damn sun this year.

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How difficult was it to defer? Was the process pretty straightforward?



I’m in the lottery. Did it in 16 hours last year so hoping to beat the sun if I get in.

@Brennus sorry not to see you again if I get in. Enjoyed meeting you and riding with you


It’s just an email but you still have to pay the next year’s entry — bummer but I understand why.
Looks like you can’t transfer your entry this year which is also a bummer.

My brother and I just signed up as a team. Will be our first Kanza and have the goal to race the sun. Hopefully we get in!

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Do you have to pay the next year’s fee when you transfer it or do you wait until the following year to pay?

I put in this morning! Scared to get the email saying I can race, but DK has been a goal since I started losing weight (250ish lbs) and got into cycling.

Here’s hoping!


It’s not a transfer it’s a deferral.
You pay the following year.

I entered the lottery early this morning. I have low expectations for gaining an entry, but super high hopes! :)!

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.45.56 PM

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This was not on my plan for this year but I’m already signed up for a couple of 100 mile gravel events leading up to it, so I do have a runway in place to train for it.

It’s also on the same day as my 50th birthday, so wouldn’t that be a great way to celebrate? :slight_smile:


Threw my name into the hat for the 100, now to somehow patiently wait for the results to come out in a couple weeks.

Plenty of other gravel on the schedule currently if it doesn’t work out, but would love to 100 this year and hopefully 200 next year!

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Sorry, I am asking the question in a confusing way. let’s say I get in this year and want to defer to 2021. Do I pay for 2020 as well as 2021 or only 2021?

You pay twice, both years

What was your watt/kg and weight leading into the race? What was your AP/NP on race day?

Oooph. I didn’t realize this.

Hey @Nate_Pearson,

I was at about 250/255 FTP and 160 pounds so about 3.5 watt/kg. I got sick about 3-4 weeks before and had to take off a week or so. Otherwise I think I was tracking for a higher FTP.

That being said, my legs generally felt good for the whole 200 miles. My two issues were 1) my back!!! it started hurting at about mile 100 and at mile 120 is was seizing. Really bad lower back pain. I had to ride the last 80 miles standing up every 3-4 pedal strokes to stretch. My legs wanted to go my back didn’t! 2) My derailleur was messed up and I couldn’t shift into my easiest gear…that didn’t help.

If I look at my splits, the first 8 hours I was NP 182/AP 144. The second 8 hours was NP 153/AP 120! The first 4 hours, my NP was 194 and my AP was 160. The next 7 hours was 163 NP/123 AP. Final 4 hours was 155 NP/126 AP.

My riding time was a little over 14 hours, but I had to take two long rest to try to let my back recover. Without the back issue, I think I would have beaten the sun easily. But that’s part of DK…is not just the legs!

So if I get in again this year, I’m going to do a similar training approach, but add more yoga and some weights to prep my back.

You can look at my profile to see what I did leading up to it. I essentially did SSB 1&2, Sustained Power Build, and then Century…all mid volume with some outdoor rides.

Hope that helps. Hope to see you there, which means we both got in!