Difference in structure between Mid-volume and High-volume SSBII

I’m looking at venturing into High Volume for the first time, (after about 2 years of mid-volume). My plan builder has me coming back to SSBII starting in a week or two.

Looking at Mid-volume and High-volume SSBII, though, there are significant differences in the structure. High volume doesn’t seem to do ANY work above threshold, whereas mid-volume has quite a bit of work above. (Taylor, Clark, Bluebell, Jepson, Mills, Spencer, etc)

Any ideas why that’s the case, and will my training suffer if I later go back into mid-volume, without having had the time above threshold?

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MV has >SS work to make up the TSS with intensity. HV has only SS but has more duration than MV. Both plans need to fulfill a level of training in order to generate a certain level of improvement, they just go about it in different ways.

Yes and no. You’ll find >Threshold work a challenge, for sure, but that should come around in a couple of weeks. But remember, you’ll also gain things doing HV which you won’t gain doing MV, such as greater muscular endurance.

Gotta decide what you want then decide the best way to get it.

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