I’ve just completed the Sweetspot Base High Volume 1 plan. I completed each workout, but I feel it’s too much volume for me…even though my tss was the same as when I did unstructured rides before I joined TR. I’m 50 years old for reference. And I also do two full body, high intensity 30 min strength training workouts a week.

Now, I was thinking of moving to the mid volume plan. But which one do the experts recommend I move to from HV1…mv1 or mv2?

Thanks in advance.

The amount of intensity days is the same in both plans. The most optimal solution is low volume and supplement with as much Z2 as you can/want.

But to answer your question - I would move to part two. If you have a lot of time till your event (or no event) you can repeat whole cycle. The recommendation from TR would be using plan builder.

TSS is a poor metric to measure training and structured and unstructured training can’t be compared. Structured training is much more demanding even at a significantly lower TSS. High volume plans demand quite a bit and adding any additional stress/fatigue (strength training) is not recommended. Stick with mid or low volume if you want to keep your strength training. Additionally, if your strength training is high intensity you may need to swap that out for a high intensity TR workout day.

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Poor metric? Has TrainerRoad changed its position? Why is TSS at the top of my TR career page? Why does TR estimate TSS from HR data? Why did TR recently publish a blog article describing how IF, TSS, and Workout Levels are 3 important metrics to understand? That article had this to say in summary about TSS:

" TSS is an easy way to estimate how fatiguing a ride may be, and is especially valuable for making sure your training ramps at a sustainable rate. By avoiding major increases in TSS from week to week, you can progressively build fitness while managing fatigue and preventing burnout– just remember the limitations inherent in how TSS is calculated."

Totally agree on the unstructured part of your statement.