Diet during build phase

Whilst doing base I’ve lost some fat %. Is it unwise to employ a calorie deficit in to build phase or should you look for net calories?

I find that if I’m trying to cut a couple pounds of BF%, a small (emphasize small) caloric deficit is fine in base or build for 2-3 weeks provided that I have adequate protien and proper carb timing (before and during workouts). Basically giving the muscles just enough glycogen for workout days but not enough to have a surplus. I then cycle back into net calories for 3-4 days then back into a deficit; repeating that cycle until I hit my goal.

Perfect. Done that several times. Not a problem.
But you have to be wise and timing is everything.

The Build phase is no walk in the park, your fueling strategy should be the one that allows you to complete the workouts and have enough glycogen/energy for subsequent workouts. I’ve never considered this the time to try and lose weight.

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It’s possible with enough volume but it should be a very low priority. Plenty of other opportunities to lose weight later when you’re just maintaining fitness.

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It’s not really a phase thing; fuel your rides and have an appropriate daily intake of protein, otherwise have a normal/healthy diet.

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I agree. Build phase is where in order to get stronger, you truly hurt yourself. It isn’t the time to worry about losing weight.

Train and eat enough so you don’t feel hungry and the weight will settle to whatever it needs to be.