Did SSB2 LV change? (Low Volume)

I am coming in to the home stretch on ssblv2 and wanted to look at the weeks, but I think the whole plan has changed over the last few weeks


Coach Chad did do a little revamp of the SSB 2 low and mid volume plans. Here’s what he said about this change:

"All of the Tuesday VO2max intervals have gone from longer VO2max repeats to ‘short-short’ repeats that achieve the same training outcome in a manner that promises a greater level of success.

The goal was to make SSB more achievable and bolster confidence going into Build rather than send the message that VO2max intervals are nearly impossible."


@Ian so if we want the new plan w/o Huffaker kicking off week two, aka easier VO2max/Anaerobic build up, we need to delete from calendar and add in the new SSB-2?

Dope! Imma change mine tomorrow… I have Spencer next week and I don’t wanna do that lol


Did that yesterday. Wasn’t as bad as I thought. You can do it

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I rather do bashful and Ansel adams all day. Ha ha ha
Maybe I’ll give it a kick.

@Ian which would be more beneficial though… I won’t sacrifice marginal gains over pain reduction… Specially if it’s only 3 min of hell at a time. :smiling_imp:

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Since it’s only a single VO2 workout in a week, there probably won’t be any significant difference.

Now there’s a feature request - up date active plans with changes! Although super easy to do the manual swap in the calendar.


Getting ready to start SSB2 MV in a week. Old plan is already in my calendar. Is the new plan better or just easier. I do not mind the suffering just want to get the most out of it. I am 60 years old if that makes a difference.

Any changes to high volume sweet spot since this time last year?

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Not that I am aware of!

The only difference is the Tuesday VO2 max workouts have changed so that they are not so daunting. They are still VO2 max efforts, but the intervals are broken into smaller, more digestible chunks. You will still get the intended benefit from the workout, the revision is simply to be easier on the riders mental strength. :slight_smile:


I’d say these are pretty interchangeable but instead of just putting these into the plan, I would recommend following the workouts in the plan:

Low Volume: Log In to TrainerRoad

Mid-Volume: Log In to TrainerRoad

Yeah, I just did a manual swap in the calendar - really easy, another plus of the feature.

Wish I’d spotted the change before Huffaker on Tuesday though!

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Seem like you also switch week 4 Leconte to Mary Austin and week 5 Mary Austin by Leconte ? Not against but i have to say that nail those workout give me a great feeling of accomplishement

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Thank you for this post. I was a bit unsure earlier today watching it and now I know I’m not crazy.

It makes me wonder if I should do it twice…

Mary Austin seems to have been made easier. I think that it used to be steps of 95%, 100% and 105% with a 0.91 IF. It’s now 92%, 98% and 102% with a 0.89 IF.

I too used to feel a massive sense of achievement after doing that one.

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Yes, those VO2 max workouts did used to feel intimidating and a huge challenge. Quick question. As my trainer takes around 10 seconds to build to VO2 power levels, will I still get the same benefit from short intervals? Do the higher 125-127% intervals compensate for the trainer delay? Should these workouts be done in resistance mode instead? I’m tempted to keep the old workouts in my plan for that reason. Thanks.

Hmm…is that really true? Looking at TSS / IF for new vs old workouts I get:

Week 2: Gendarme+3 (74 / 0.86) vs Huffaker (77 / 0.87)
Week 3: English _ _ _ (80 / 0.89) vs Mills _ _ (77 / 0.88)
Week 4: Agassiz-1 _ _ (85 / 0.92) vs Spencer (78 / 0.89)
Week 5: Bashful+2 _ _(91 / 0.96) vs Kaiser __(86 / 0.92)

To me from the numbers the new plan (left) looks a bit more challenging?

Already did week 2 Huffaker (old plan). Starting with week 3 I’ve just put both plans side by side in the calendar. Should I go by feel each Tuesday or chose one plan (old / new) and stick to it (more consistent TSS growth)? So you’d prefer the newer plan @chad?

@Ian Obviously the plans can change over time but one thing I’d appreciate is the return of the archived plan section of the website. I’ve followed plenty of the TR plans over the years, mostly slightly modified to include my running and swimming.

For me it would be useful to be able to look back and see how I changed the plans and how they worked for me compared to how they were prescribed at the time. At the moment I can look back at the rides I did in my Base and Build from a few years ago but have no idea of whether the rides I did were the prescribed ones or ones I swapped out for something else.