Have the plans changed?

Just finishing Sweet Spot Base mid vol 2, and when I see my finished workouts, they are different from the workouts I get when I go and click on the same plan under training plans. Do they keep changing the workouts?

Also, just curious, how do they come by these names?

They’ve certainly changed the SSB workouts, as i noticed it’s different when i was updating my calander which i’d sorted a few months ago.

I’ve always wondered about the names too, it always gets commented on when i eventually make my way outside!

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There have been a few minor tweaks recently, but that’s definitely a rarity. Other than this small change I can remember one other major rework of plans while I’ve been using TR.

I believe they were originally names of peaks in the Sierra Nevada mountains but I think those have been exhausted so others are peaks elsewhere, and some I have no idea! @chad?


The names are from hills (or climbs). They talk about it on a Podcast, not sure which one.


I nearly put the same question on here last week after also realising SSB2 mid volume had been changed. I was wondering if it’d be helpful to others to have some sort of archive history summarising when plans were last revised and what was changed and reasons. You can certainly see that the changes this time have taken out the awful 3 minutes vo2 max intervals

Yep, @pirnie, small tweaks are being made and will continue to crop up here and there. None of them will add time to the workouts or detract from their quality, and just about all of them will be subtle if you notice them at all. But with our new insight into which workouts are the most effective and which are completed the least often, or perhaps with minimal adherence to the intended structure, we’re trying out various things in order to make them a better use of your time.

Put another way, we’re trying out small tweaks in our continuing efforts to make you all faster. The more data we pore over, the more we learn - we’re in a really unique and fortunate position that way.

When possible, I’ll leave the workouts as they are and I’ll just add an alternate version and maybe plunk that into a plan in place of what we’ve found to be a less effective workout or version. But you can still choose to do the other workout if you like.

Then when I do change a workout, it will be something along the lines of breaking up a too-long set of repeats, adding another minute or two of recovery between intervals that see riders failing early, or removing the initial ramps into intervals (these are mostly holdovers from my ergo-mode-centric views when I first developed those particular workouts).

I’ll try to keep the disruptions minimal, but when you notice changes just take that to mean we’ve found (or are close to finding) a better ways to increase workout success, improve overall performance, make you faster.


I’ve mentioned it before but I do agree with @time2507 that an archive of changes would be really good. There used to be an archived plan section on the website and it’s return would be useful.

Plans and ideas should develop of course as more knowledge and experience becomes available if they are thought to be an improvement. However I’ve been through a good number of Bases and Builds in the last 7 years and I’d like the ability to be able to see how I either kept to, or deviated from the prescribed plans as they were at the time.

Hey, hey, hey! Back it up, sister! No need for name callin’. Some of us (ok, almost none of us) actually enjoy those 3 minutes of near-death ecstasy. That said, Coach Chad has enough flavours of torture for everyone (request: change those hideous over-under sessions into snack time-under workouts!).


@Nate_Pearson I don’t think a plan that you have scheduled on the calendar updates when the plans are updated by Chad. Would it be possible to incorporate some sort of notification system when a plan has changed after it has been scheduled on the calendar? I just don’t want to miss out on the latest and greatest versions.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but any SSB plans that were already planned and on the calendar did not get updated automatically and are just the old plan workouts.


Correct, a plan loaded on the calendar does NOT update to match the plan changes.

That must be done manually. As such, I agree that a notification of plan updates and revisions would be appreciated.

We can review those changes and either leave our active plan alone, or update to match the plan changes (as I did with the most recent changes).


That’s good to know for now. I guess before I start any new plan I will delete it from the calendar and then add it back. I had training scheduled a year out and my calendar filled through October 2019. If any changes are made to plans over the next 10 months (or in the past 2 months) I would miss the revisions otherwise.

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Sorry if I missed this and am asking a question that has already been answered, was there a list of plans that were updated and what workouts were swapped?

Also, is there a way to see in Careers to see what Training Plans have been added/deleted./completed? I can only see individual workouts. I would have expected some Training Plan summary.


Ok. revisiting this. I’m midway through week 2 of SSB MV2 and just saw the changes after doing Huffaker yesterday.
Do I delete the plan from when I started it last week and start the new modified plan on the initial start date. Will I lose all former workouts of this plan? Or just best to swap out the Tuesday plans instead manually while keeping the older plan in place?

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At this point, keeping the plan in place and manually swapping in the Tuesday rides seems the easiest.


What @mcneese.chad said, but for reference you will not lose former completed workouts.

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Has General Build Low Volume changed?

I’m in week 5 and my calendar is showing different Saturday workouts to what is listed on the plan page for GBLV.

For example: Tomorrow my calendar has Mount Goode. But the week 5 Saturday workout on the plan page shows Mount Hayes.

My calendar:

The plan page shows:

In fact, the week 7 Saturday workout seems different too? I’m confused about which one I should be doing.

Sorry to bump such an old thread, it seemed less obnoxious than starting a new one.

Did you use plan builder? Depending on your time constraints plan builder will take out weeks and move workouts around (sometimes in slightly unexpected ways).

Same with me, also GB Low Volume, noticed it a few days ago.

I’m just carrying on the with My calendar. The adjusted plan is a tiny bit more accomplishable though and overall would probably yield the same fitness.

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