SSBII Low Volume - where's Huffaker gone?

Am about to start SSBII but I’ve just noticed that (presumably very recently) the workouts have changed a bit. I’ve always really liked Huffaker as the first real WAKE UP LEGS moment of the SSB series but it’s now been replaced by gendarme+3.

I’m partly sad for huffaker’s demise but also really curious about the rationale for its replacement. Is there some cool science behind the change? Is Gendarme+3 going to make me EVEN FASTER? Is the retirement home for our discarded workouts a nice place?

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Wow. I started SSB Low Volume II in November and Huffaker was the first VO2 workout on the calendar, so it must have changed in November. If I’m honest, the new plan looks better to me, but to each his own.

SSBII low and mid volume were adjusted to be a little easier mentally while still giving similar physical stress.

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Christ - I’d rather do huffaker I think!!!

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Shouldn’t there be a clear notification about the plan changes?

I know the overall benefits, TSS etc are still the same, but if only to avoid confusion.

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I’m starting SSB LV2 the week after next, and Huffaker is still on my calendar as the first workout of week 2.

I think you have/don’t have the old plan depending on when you added it to your calendar.

Got it.

I still “like” Huffaker – I use it as a baseline to gauge where I’m at in terms of Vo2 interval capacity – if I fail it, I keep repeating it until I can do it and then step up to the harder stuff.

(And by “liking” Huffaker, I mean I like it the same way I like banging my shins into a coffee table just so I know by bones are strong…)


What I love about TR is the flexibility to change, as needed. I say, if you prefer Huffaker, then make the switch.

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Thanks for the link @Warhound

Just a quick comment after analyzing SSBLV2 a bit more closely . . . yikes, maybe it should be called “threshold base”?? Looks like I’m going to be spending a ton of time above sweet spot :neutral_face:

Game on, Chad.

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