Has Sweet Spot Base Mid vol II changed?

I was looking at the workout plans and noticed the Tuesday sessions I have in my calendar (auto populated from SSB mid vII) are different from the ones now showing in the current plans. For example I’m just starting week 4 and tomorrows session in my calendar is Spencer (5x3m IF 0.89) but the week 4 Tuesday session in the workouts menu is Agassiz-1 (3 sets of 3x2m IF 0.92) - a bit harder!

From a quick scan looks like vol I hasn’t changed.

Anyone else seen this?

It was noticed a week or two ago I think. There is another thread discussing it. I think coach @chad chipped in and said they had been slightly toned down but would have the same adaptations/gains.


Yes. There was a thread on the Mary Austin changes, but until just now I didn’t know it impacted the tuesday morning VO2 sessions.

Here is his quote from another thread on the VO2:

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Thanks all, I’ll take a look at that thread. Need to decide which workout to do tomorrow now.