Did my Kickr Core just die?

I was biking and thunderstorm starts outside. Just as I was about to start my last interval, a large lightning struck close by. I didn’t lose power and it’s plugged into a surge protector.

Right after that I get no power recordings from the Kickr. I’m running ERG mode on TR with powermatch to my Assiomas, and reading only the power on Zwift From the Kickr. The power on TR shows 40W when it’s supposed to be 250 and it feels like there is zero resistance from the trainer. The power on Zwift is 0.

I switched to resistance mode and when I slide the resistance slider to the right, there is a big need for power to get started but the moment the flywheel is moving, it feels like there is no power again.

I unplugged the Kickr and plugged it back and it does the same thing.

Do you have status lights on the power brick and the trainer?

Try pairing just the trainer to your TR device (not the pedals) and see if it is recognized.

If it is, try a spindown calibration on the trainer.

It’s pairing. The lights are blinking fine. It just seems like there is no resistance.

Then I’d try a calibration first.

If that works, then try a simple workout with only the trainer paired (no power meter).

I tried. The speed won’t budge from 0.0

Might be time to contact Wahoo support then.

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I had a similar experience last year with the speed, power and cadence readings disappearing entirely. I could still connect to it and everything. Contacted Wahoo support and they had a replacement sent to me pretty quickly.

Depending on the batch, you may have gotten one that wasn’t protected from electrostatic discharge. DC Rainmaker highlighted this flaw a long while back and said it can essentially fry the circuitry for speed/power/what have you. The only fix is sending it back to Wahoo.