Dialed Health 90 Day fat loss "challenge"

Just wanted to share this opportunity with everyone here. This is not a crash diet or fad type diet, it is based on calorie tracking and changing your eating habits for the long term. There will be a prize for the winner at the end
and participation is free to anyone who is interested in trying it out.
Details are here:
90 day fat loss challenge

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A bit more information:
Dialed Health is a gym that is run by former MTB racer Derek Teel in Folsom California. He specializes in strength training for cyclists.

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Isn’t this just basically eat healthily, don’t worry about the odd day where you have extra calories and drink far too much water? (Unless replacing fluid lost through sweating or I’m misunderstanding that he’s asking the average man to drink 4 litres a day?!)

Yeah, that is pretty much what it is. The idea here though is that by tracking your food for this length of time you are likely to create lasting changes in your everyday diet that will lead to long term success.

I am sure there are plenty of people on here that would’t gain much from this but there are probably a few, myself included, that have less experience with eating healthy on a regular basis and could use the help meeting their goals.
As far as the water amount goes, I can’t drink that much water in a day. In fact I found that if I drop a NUUN tab into my 100 oz water bottle I drink even less but seem to retain more (according to my Tanita scale water %)

Anyone ever use this sites actual subscription? Looks interesting

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I have purchased two stand-alone plans from before it was a subscription service. Highly recommended: after a full year, it’s still the basis of my strength training. His podcast has some interesting content. He was also on the MTB Podcast twice (Ep. 71 and 49), which is where I found out about it.

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Oh cool I’ll have to checkout his podcast!

I am currently subscribed to his website. I am doing the mobility plan right now and I have been using his “Full Body, No Equipment” plan for a while now as a maintenance routine.

That is where I first learned about him and calorie tracking. My first go-round with it I lost a LOT of weight. Over the course of a year I lost about 60 lbs (260 down to 198 at the lowest).
I miss the MTB podcast!

I miss it too, and I don’t even ride an MTB!
@Jonathan, @TheStevenLewis

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You should give it a try!

Calorie tracking, even for a few months, is a great exercise for everybody. I used calorie tracking to lose 30 pounds one time. My diet wasn’t super healthy so I felt hungry all the time but it was doable. You learn a lot of little tricks like you can make a sandwich that is 100 calories less by using 1 piece of cheese instead of 2. Find 3 or 5 little hacks like that and you cut a good chuck of calories out of your diet.

It can also show you how your macro percentages stack up.


Just a Personal update:
January 4th I was 208lbs
February 6th 199 without starving and without fasted training.
Phase 2 starts this weekend, I am going to tighten my tracking a little more for better accuracy and I am going to adjust my macro split by adding Protein and subtracting Carbs ( a reasonable amount of course.)

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Relatively new(ly serious) mountain biker here (and brand new TR subscriber!). I have been following Dialed Health’s social and podcast since I heard him on the MTB Podcast over the summer. I’m 12/16 weeks into his XC offseason training program and it has been pretty great. I am not participating in the fat loss challenge because I have mostly completed my “cut” (half naturally from riding a lot over the summer, half due to focused efforts during the fall/winter).

In terms of his plans, I can only really speak to the XC program and what I have seen/heard on his social. What I really like is he is all about functional mobility. A ton of the early focus for the XC program was core strength and balance, and I know I really improved on those fronts both based on improvements in the gym/life and the few MTB rides I’ve gone on during the Michigan winter. As someone who really hates crunches, I loved getting a killer core workout using some pretty nontraditional movements.

One area I did wish the program addressed more was traditional squats and deadlifts (an area that I feel I could really improve). I have supplemented the programs here and there with these, but I wish I had a plan laid out and periodized for me like the rest of the program.

Balancing the final 4 weeks of his program with SSB1 LV will fun. I’m not sure about my gym plans after that. I have enjoyed the physique and fitness improvements, but I want to prioritize TR as we move towards my season. I might shift to one day a week (the XC program is 2 days) and do my favorite movements/circuits from his program.

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I’m considering subscribing to the website and these are the two plans I’m looking at. I have minimal equipment at home (and no gym access)—did you see improvements in power output on the bike by doing these two programs? (I know there are many other benefits to strength training and mobility work that likely make these programs worthwhile.)

A lot has changed for me since I wrote this. I am currently still
subscribed but unfortunately I have not been consistently training as
this year has just thrown me too many curve balls (or excuses if we
are being honest).
I will say though, without a doubt, when I was following the no
equipment full body and no equipment core programs I felt a real
difference. Climbing, descending, jumping or just general goofing
around on the bike (I ride like I’m 12 years old, wheelies, jumps
etc.) all felt easier and more stable.
Also, keep in mind that I don’t use a real powermeter for training. I
use the Kinetic “In-Ride” which is very similar to virtual power. I
try to perfect my set up each time to ensure consistency but it
doesn’t compare to an actual pm. That being said, my FTP was trending
up. Nothing astronomical but gains nonetheless.

I do want to get back into my routine which is why I am still
subscribed. It helped me and I would imagine that it would help anyone
willing to put in the work.

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Thanks a lot for the input on your experience. Glad to hear that you’ve felt noticeable improvements. I’m looking forward to jumping into it!

I did this basically last year. I am a new person. From 98kg to 72kg From Aug. to Dec. moust of my fat was gone. i think by Dec. i was around 76kg