Dialed Health Shred 2023

It’s from Jan 16 - Feb 14 with the goal to loose body fat while maintaining muscle and performance. Based on food tracking and >= 5 workouts / week.

Anybody doing this?

Info on their website


thanks. i am going to have a look at this.

I use DH, but adding the complexity of a shred protocol into what I am already doing with TR, DH and real life is one extra thing too far for me. I do the work, I eat sensibly, I fuel my workouts, and I let the little excess winter fat go at its own speed. What will be will be.


Yes, I’m a recent DH user and going to try and do the Shred. I doubt I’ll last the full month though as tracking food gets really tedious and we tend to cook meals for the family which can prove tricky. As long as it focuses me to eat more healthily and avoid the empty calories and excessive snacking I’ll count it as a win……even if I lapse after a week!

I will do the 5+ exercise sessions though (3 cycling and 2 DH sessions). That piece I can stick to!

I like the idea and would’ve done it if it wasn’t for the (more amazing) reason I became a father two weeks ago. This means routines are a little bit upside down, however I’m aiming to get back on the trainer this week to keep the legs spinning :wink:


I signed up for it and kinda forgot about it. Nevertheless, I’m also doing another challenge that started a week ago so I’m already tracking my calories and I already have a TR plan along with my 2-3 day a week strength training that I do.
I’ve got a deficit running but I’m still fueling my workouts on the bike and prepping for some gravel races here in Socal with about one happening each month. My primary goals is to get stronger on the bike, drop some excess body weight, while still fueling performance and keeping my muscles.

I’ll have to go back and reread the email to see what the formal “rules” of entry are.

Day 1 for me. My goal is to learn how this feels, never did a shred/systematic deficit before. Given life stress it is likely not realistic to use myfitnesspal the whole month.

I never worked with this much deficit before. I’m also working nights and I may be quite hungry then.We’ll see how I do in a few days.

I calculated through and landed on 2k calories as a base, minus the 500 deficit, and 110g protein per day. It’s actually right on with the estimate from a TDEE calculator I used before.

Did a 75min bike and 40min gym making for about 1k calories burned.

DH is great! Highly recommend it for strength training. But… I will be sticking to my normal training game plan this month :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind sharing what is your weight right now, do you know what you have been eating normally in terms of calories/macros? How much body weight do you think you have to lose?

67 kg and running with 2300 calories and 120g protein usually. It’s pretty hard for me to reach the protein goal. I calculated this gives me about 200-300 extra calories for muscle growth. Has been working.

Day 3, I’m strongly feeling the caloric deficit. I’m not energized, I have been in pieces yesterday for sports and socially.
Noticed also there is no wiggle room - if I don’t get food at once when I get hungry then I turn into a terrible human being.

Giving it another 12 hours, if I don’t feel better I need to go with a more sustainable caloric deficit.


Reporting in from a week experience at -500 calories. I managed 5/7 days. two days ended 500-600 over target, once because I had a normal dinner (with the girl), and once after a Night Shift, ended up crazy ravenous later in the day.

I felt terrible and I’m absolutely not at my full work, social/relationship, and sports potential.

I made a number of observations and mistakes

  • fueling is critical for workouts. There are no margins.
  • timing is critical. Not having the right food acces for half an hour to an hour can leave you making bad choices or total loss of energy and headache (I chose nr 2, stupid)
  • it’s quite easier on the days where I can do a workout and burn at least a few hundred calories. Unfortunately gym does to little for caloric impact and rest day doesn’t help either

Overall I’m doing this as an experience. I have barely any weight to loose, just see if I can define muscles a little.

So maybe I’ll switch later this week to only a 200-300 cal deficit for the gym/rest days. That will hopefully leave me a more functional human being.