Device recommendations for TrainerRoad?

Hey guys,

I’ve been using my wife’s old 2014 iPad to run workouts and it’s just not cutting it. I don’t really want to spend $400 just to do workouts and I use my phone for entertainment and messaging so that’s not an option. What alternatives do you recommend?


How is the iPad not working for just running the TR iOS app?

If you aren’t willing to use your phone, and don’t want to spend $$ to buy a new device, then your only options sound like using something you already have. Do you have a computer you could use? Or for ~$200 you could buy a renewed (used) iPad / iPad mini.

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With the recent holiday sales, I picked up an iPad Gen 9 (2021) for $269 at Best Buy and I got a $55 trade-in for my older iPad mini (gen 4) that it replaced. I like having the larger screen from the iPad vs. the mini. That’s working well for me.

I was seeing TR be more sluggish to load on the older mini. Since going to the full iPad, it’s been very responsive.

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  1. Outside workout on your bike computer
  2. Spare computer or tablet
  3. Spare phone

I use a 4-5 year old iPhone (iPhone 8+ from 2018???). Works fine. Don’t need service, so should be dirt cheap for something like this.

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i updated an old laptop to win 10, added some ram and a ssd and it works great. there must be a ton of old laptops next to free.

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It’s completely wiped and reformatted but at 8 years old it runs super slow. Like a minute to open up TR. A minute to load a workout. Then when you increase intensity of workout on the +- 100% there’s a five second lag on each per cent. It also will occasionally shut down.

$200 sounds reasonable for a device. Thanks.

Would something like this work?

maybe. It has “free returns” so you can buy it and try it. if it does not work just send it back

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I was using a Samsung A7 tablet for a while. Had some flakiness with the bluetooth connection, so I gave it up and went to the iPad.

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Yeah, a refurb or used iPad is definitely the way to go. Unless you are repurposing an older device you are no longer using, I don’t think you will be saving any money.

I don’t think I have ever heard nice things said about Android tablets.

Personally, I love using TR on my iPad: the data fields are very large and I can use my iPhone for other stuff without fear of doing something to my TR workout.


An iPad is a great option!

I already had a tv setup and picked up one of these which works well so I can use TR and stream content at the same time for $100, you can add ANT also which is neat!

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I really like the iPad layout and ease of use. It’s just old and sluggish. Although it’s a shame they’re only BT. I imagine Ant+ would be better.

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That will connect ANT devices to your ipad

First step is to source a cheap iPad

Use an old phone?

I ran into the same issue last year and found a good price on a iPad on Facebook Marketplace.

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Buy this laptop

I use my old Pixel 3, works great. You can get one for $50 nowadays.

How old is it? The lag on my iPad is rough.