Device recommendations for TrainerRoad?

Pixel 3 was released Oct 2018.

It lives on my Stages bike, connected to one of the onboard USB ports.

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I don’t think I have ever heard nice things said about Android tablets.

I like my Galaxy Tab S4. It even has ANT+, though newer Galaxys (phone and tablet) do not. But the S-series isn’t cheap. I usually use the tablet for streaming and my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10, also has ANT+) for TR.

I’ve seen the lag thing in old tablets, I think it’s because the flash memory actually gets slower rather than the tablet being slow in the first place.

I’m guessing you don’t have a at lag issues?

Yeah, TR’s cross-platform framework is quite inefficient. It isn’t laggy on my iPad, but it chews through battery like it is nothing. It isn’t my iPad’s fault, though.

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Not with the S4, but I have an older tablet (Nexus 7) which does lag. I don’t use it for much any more because of that.

Is this it?

No, that’s something else. This is an S4:

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What about this? $150 new, 2021 model, with 32gb HD. Not sure if that’s enough?


Sorry, I only know the one I have. The A-series is lower-end than the S-series but I don’t know how an older S-series compares with a newer A-series.

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This thread made me thinking of using old android phone for TR. I got my galaxy note 3(SM-N900S) which has native ANT+ support. Since it’s so old, current TR app doesn’t work properly under original OS(Android 5/lollipop). I tried to install LineageOS 18.1(Android 11) and 17.1(Android 10) but both doesn’t provide ANT Hardware permission(App’s permission section is grayed out saying no permission requested) to ANT Radio Service app. Several threads regarding this problem found(Unable to provide ANT hardware permission).

FYI those about to revive old Android devices. Looks like ANT+ support is flawed for some Android devices with recent firmware(Android 9, 10, 11).

I guess I have never considered the need for ANT+ for TR use, what device are you trying to integrate?

I use the 4iiii HRM that doubles as an ANT+ bridge, I’ve heard it works but I just use it standalone Bluetooth mode.

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My cadence sensor uses ANT+ (and works a lot better than my Neo’s fake cadence)

I would be wary of Samsung Tabs, especially the A-series as they are quite varied in models and near impossible to tell outwardly from packaging.

I bought one to run TR only to find out it had no ANT+ then found that some models could have the hardware but no Android support. A couple of ANT plugins available from Google play confirmed this. Magically after an Android update, it all of a sudden worked and able to run TR adjust fine. Despite getting ANT+ working, Zwift pulled its support for it, much to the displeasure of many A-tab Zwifters, and you can’t even download it from Play Store.

While I only run Zwift now, my rec. is an iPad, 9th gen’s are discounted now. They just work first go.

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OK, thanks. I’m currently working off an Ipad mini 3 and that works ok, despite being ten years old. I’ll have to wait and bite the bullet on a 9.

Maybe someone who follows Apple products closer can confirm, but I believe the gen 9 iPads are close to or at end of manufacturing so thats why they are discounted. I used my wife’s 5-6year old one no issues so I have no concerns that this will last for a while.

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No, they are still being sold as new, they are the cheapest new iPads on sale now. iPads work for years. We have my parents’ old iPad 2 (yes, the second one released ever), and while the battery is weak, it still works well enough for our daughter. My wife’s iPad Pro is from 2016, and again, apart from a very weak battery it still works great. As a TR projector it’d be good for as long as her device is supported.

I have the mini 3 and it chugs along ok but it’s slow as hell. Especially when adjusting the irritatingly 1% incremental intensity button.

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I know, I bought a new one! The 9th Gen 10.2” with the A13 Bionic processor was released in 2021 so I suspect the across the markets discount are clearing parts inventories and finishing manufacturing of it since the A13 is an older processor (also in the iPhone 11) and now Gen 10 iPads use the A14, Pro and Air models get the M series processors

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What I understood:

I know, I bought a new one! Bionic megatron carry the Fuji’s processor with the bft hi bftß generation 247746 Gdynia…


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