Workouts and career won't load on old iPad

I’m trying to get an old iPad mini set up with TR, but when I sign in none of my plans or calendar activities show up. Any help? It did go through the “pulling workouts” etc when I first signed into this device. Everything is coming up just fine on other devices.

Have you tried turning on and off your WiFi from your device?

Yes, tried on 2 different networks, uninstalled, reinstalled the app. Logged in and out a few times. I even started and saved a workout. It showed up on my phone, I deleted it there, but it has not been deleted on the ipad.

Send a support question, see if they know whether your old machine is supported. It may not be.

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Running ios 9.3.5, should work on anything 8.0 and later.

Also i just sent a support request.

Any luck on this @drewnobi? I’m having the same problem