Best deals on iPad

Please share with me where you buy your iPads from and what model is good for TrainerRoad. I have used an iPad mini in the past but that is no longer available to me. I used my iPhone for a couple workouts last week but it is way too small after using an iPad for years.

Groupon always has deals but I wonder if those are so old, they can’t get the latest iOS upgrades???

Share where I can find a great price!! Thanks for any input!

Honestly Apple has their pricing pretty locked down. You can typically get a decent deal on a refurb from As long as it has BLE 4.0 you should be good.

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I personally check for anything I am seeking to purchase. You can search for the specific iPad you are looking for and see what stores might be having certain deals. I have seen some good deals on there before. Also, Black Friday is coming up so keep your eyes peeled for any sales coming up on previous and current gen iPad :hugs:

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