Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2023)

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Holy cow stabilitas for $200 of course they don’t have black in 47.

This confused me for a bit.

“The Transparent is Continental’s tan wall version of the highly regarded GP5000 road tyre.”

“The difference between this Transparent tyre and a standard GP5000 is that the nylon carcass isn’t coated, and so remains visible. This means the tan wall is darker than on many other tyres, but as a bonus they don’t get anywhere near as dirty.”

Not sure about other countries, but the Hammerhead Karoo 2 is on “summer sales exclusive” in the UK: down from £359 to £235


Yeah, $259 in the US. Must mean the Karoo 3 is on the way soon! Hammerhead Karoo 2

Edit: $246 from biketiresdirect: Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS Computer [00.3018.363.000] at BikeTiresDirect


I was thinking the same. I just bought the Elemnt Roam 2 and wondering if I should get the Karoo 2. I have one more day to return the Roam 2 but I also bought a custom mount (I’d have to buy another one for the Karoo, which means they’re basically the same price) which can’t be returned. Using DI2 as well, though I hear there’s a custom solution to bring back DI2 display support again.

Roval Rapide CL II rear wheel for $410+tax, directly from Specialized official eBay for the next 5hrs anyway

Front wheel is on sale on specialized site so you could pick up the full wheelset for about $1k


Specialized’s eBay store is a treasure trove at the moment.

-Shorts, bibs and liners. The cargo bibs, some are $180 down to $54.
-Tires, 50% off, so $32.50 for some
-Shoes, some really cheap, but limited sizes.

Liner short for $26

General mountain bike outer short for $36

Renegade control T5 tire for $32.50

Groundcontrol T5 for $32.50

Most of the items are also on their website, but for example one pair of shorts was MSRP$180, and $110 on, but then $56 on eBay from their store.

If anyone can tell me which of the renegade, groundcontrol and fasttrack would be the best xc race tire for Tahoe and Leadville, I’ll grab them. I’ve got T7 tires for general use and training, but droppign 1 lb going T5 is very appealing.


$600 for the Roval Terra wheels….wow!!!

Renege is the fastest then fast trak followed by ground control. I like renege rear and fast trak front.


Here is a quite recent review of the Specialized XC tyres:


$90, down from $225 … if only my feet weren’t boats.

Specialized eBay store

Thanks for the recommendation and the article link from @kervelo.

I’m thinking T5 Renegade 2.35 f/r. A T7 front would help grip, but I don’t think that I need that. $65 for a pair of tires is pretty great buying when I compare to Schwalble and Maxxis.

Renegade has awful grip and unless you have great bike handling id avoid. As a rear tire it does get slidy and i wouldn’t want that as a front tire.

Too bad there is no mirror saddles there.

If you haven’t tried the Power Arc it’s worth a look. I tried the Power Mirror and sent it back: prefer both the Power and Power Arc personally.

Power Arc is $96 on eBay!

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I have three powers and one arc. The powers were much better to start and are better for me on a more upright bike. On my “race” (not really) bike the arc just seems to work better.


Damn looks like the specialized sale was just a day or so. Showing normal prices now

Some good deals on Supacaz bartape on Amazon right now. I like the red fade so definitely going to pick up a few for $22 :star_struck:

Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Star Fade Bar Tape


Thanks! Just picked up 3 sets of black. All my bikes getting new kush!