Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2023)

Nice how supacaz is half off because that shit doesn’t last.

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The specialized ebay outlet store deals did end, but they have been put back again as of 4pm Pacific Time, so shop away!!!

I grabbed liner shorts, mtb shorts and a hat. I couldnt make my mind up about tires, and theres the Power Arc Expert saddle I’m trying to work out if that is going to work with me or not …

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Actually, the way in seeing it, the ones on sale are only for 1 roll. Don’t the kits usually come with 2 rolls? So, it’s not really a sale unless you do get the 2 rolls, or enough to do one set of bars.

You’re probably misreading / amazon’s product page is confusing. I think all bar tapes from them come with two rolls.


Anyone else use tennis racket grips? They are very good and cheap.


Have you had bad experiences with it? Because it’s been solid for me and easily my favorite tape. All my bikes have Supacaz tape now. Never noticed any issues with wear.


No, but I have used both the hockey and lacrosse tapes for my bikes….both are thinner than the bar tape, which I prefer.

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I’ve had good success with both Supacaz and Silca tape. Both will go on sale periodically or during clearouts, so tend to pick them up at those times.

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I got bike tape to put on beach tennis rackets. The grip they had was not great and broke pretty quickly…
I thought the bike bar tape would be stronger and longer lasting?
What have been your experience?

Ya amazon is not the best when it comes to product info:
For example this is a complete crank set, but they only show 1 arm

Tennis racket tape is thinner. But I just keep my old tape on there for cushion on just go over it with the tennis tape. It works well for me because we play tennis in my family and I have lots of it. They do last quite a bit but I don’t mind changing it since it’s not that expensive

I picked up some supacaz when they had 1/2 price on most items on their site (I’ve seen them do this twice, so in my mind Supacaz should be 50% off to purchase). I got some tape which was 100% blue in one half, and then the other half was black with a blue pattern. What I didnt realize though, was where it transitioned from one color to the other, it was two pieces of tape joined with about a 30 degree angle. When I was putting it on and getting a good stretch on, it broke at that point.

So I like their tape, especially when 50% off, but I try to chose tapes where the background color is the same for the whole length so that it doesn’t have the joint in the middle.


Known mostly to UK cyclists, retailer Planet X looks like it will be going into Administration

Is this connected to a current deal or just an FYI that may lead to deals down the line?

It is one of those retailers that always seems to have some sort of sale / deal on. A lot of its stuff is sold under their own brands (they have quite a collection, including at least one with a considerable heritage in the UK: Holdsworth).

I don’t how much stock it has left, but this is another significant player in the UK market that has stumbled in recent times. A couple of wholesalers (2 Pure and Moor Large) had similar problems fairly recently. Tough times in the UK cycle trade just now.

30mm Conti GP5000 S TR for $43 each, a good price imo


thank you for bringing this to my attention! snagged a CL II rear wheel on their ebay store and a front wheel from the website!


I have the MTB light and the helmet light from outbound and man they are great. Battery life lives up to claims. The pictures here are with my old exposure six pack at max level, and then the outbound combo both at max level. Same corner different day.


I put 10,000 miles on my last tape and it still looked and felt great when I killed the bike. My experience with Supacaz is that it lasts plenty long, longer than the stock specialized tape for sure.


Hah that’s exactly the tire I’ve been looking for. Thanks! I got the last two.

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