DIY Pre Workout

I’ve just started making pre workout from home and curious on what you guys think. I’ve been making drink mix from home for awhile now and absolutely love it. Great performance gains and soooo much cheaper then pre made stuff like scratch. For the pre workout I’ve been buying 3 ingredients in bulk. Citrulline Malate, Beta alanine, and caffeine. I mix it into any drink and it works just as good as any other pre workout I have tried. It’s about $45 for a 120 servings which is way cheaper then the typical $45 for 30 servings. All three of these ingredients have been proven to enhance cycling performances during training and racing! These are also the main three ingredients found in most pre workouts so it should be just as good as the expensive name brand stuff. Interested to hear thoughts or if anyone else does this.

Looks like a great mix.

Where are you getting your caffeine powder? Got a link?

I just stumbled into this 10% caffeine powder. 1/2-tsp = 170 mg caffeine.

Typically you have to apply for the 100% caffeine powder. 1/16th tsp ≅ 200 mg.

I bought 1 kg of the 100% stuff a couple years ago and it’s going to outlive my wife and I.

(or you could go big… /s )

I think most folks are cutting capsules like these to mix it all in a drink but that gets a bit tedious.

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The caffeine powder worries me just a bit because if someone else was using it not knowing how much to take it is super easy to take way too much. Like you said 200ml is like 1/16 tbs. But it definitely makes It a lot cheaper that way.

100% correct. That’s why there is an application to be allowed to purchase it. I don’t know their criteria, just that I passed. I believe I submitted my resume and business license.

I don’t recommend that 100% pure stuff to consumers, just posting here as “FYSA”

Appreciate it!!!

Interesting thread and very interested in your and Alex’s take on the science of pre-workouts and cycling.

I used to religiously use pre-workouts for my gym sessions and (whether placebo or not) had massive differences in session quality.

I had to go to the low stim ones due to the shakes and already having messed up sleep with two poor sleeping infants, but I gave up when getting back into cycling after watching my HR go crazy.

I have stuck to basic coffee before every session the last three years, though I do find there are other issues there with stomach upset if too strong, or potentially missing other benefits.

What are the mechanisms for Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate? I note Gu Roctane has Beta Alanine (I think) along with Taurine and Caffeine, which I’ve found to be very helpful when I had a few and used them at the start of a session. Could be just the carb intake and general caffeine (and taurine being a caffeine esque stimulant?)?

Beta alanine supposedly helps with muscle fatigue. Which is a benefit. But I use it mostly because of the tingly “wanna rip my face off” sensation it gives me😅 I find that it makes me push harder and get motivated to complete workouts! And here below is a link to a good video that talks about citrulline malate.

Another thing on the topic of caffeine I like to is mix my pre workout the night before and put it next to my night stand for early morning workouts. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed but if you can drink that drink it will make you get out of bed!

Last thing to keep in mind is that your body will get used to caffine and if you take it regularly you will either have to take more to feel the same effects (not recommended) or stay completely off caffeine a couple weeks before your big events so you receive the biggest benefit you can to the caffeine.

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Citrulline Malate seems easy to get, and 6g wouldn’t be too hard to add to a bottle.

That link says 6-8g before. Any thoughts how long it lasts, or specifically, in a long race (where you might do a second caffeine dose midway, would a second Citrulline Malate dose be equally beneficial :thinking:.

Beta Alanine, very similar to Creatine in mechanism according to the same website - I can’t see if it is linked with the same water weight - weight gain?