Sad story about caffeine dosage

Nate has mentioned several times on the podcast about the danger of using powdered caffeine due to the risk of getting the dosage wrong (g instead of mg). Here is the sad reality of when that happens:

Colwyn Bay man died after 200-coffee caffeine overdose - BBC News


Saw that on the bbc news website this morning. Very sad to see.

I was just reading this. Heart breaking, going like that in front of your family.
I am an enemy of these micro dose requiring powders. One day, one member of the household be it a pet or a child or an unsuspecting adult will use it wrong and consequences will be too high.
Always use ready to swallow pre-dosed products people. Like caffeine capsules with 300mg per capsule.
Even scientist can get it wrong:


I really like coffee just never really dove into the research of caffeine and exercise performance except for the popular articles but to me it feels like caffeine hinders performance: I always feel much more exerted and winded up for doing little work



It’s really easy to take a single caffeine pill that has only 200 mg and separate it and dump the contents into your bottle. takes no extra time.