Cycling/Tri documentary or movie recommendations

With no race on TV in the near the future, I’m looking for documentaries or movies about cycling or triathlon (old or recent).
Any recommendation?

So far, I’ve found Quest for Kona on YouTube and a documentary about the Movistar team on Netflix.


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There’s a few of these threads around at the moment in various forums (I don’t know why :thinking:) so some left field suggestions.

Race Across America -

There’s another RAAM video of the 2005 edition, Bicycle Dreams but I’m not sure it’s available online -

Some bikepacking ones:

Iditarod/Iditasport: A Thin White Line -

On YouTube there’s the GCN Racing channel: with Cyclocross and road races.


Just added this to my queue yesterday - haven’t watched yet but came here to ask if anyone had seen it

There used to be a Michelton Scott food/cycling doc on netflix that was very good - I assume its still there

Also - backstage pass from Michelton Scott has a nice behind the scenes looks at lots of races over the past 3-4 years. If you haven’t seen those I’d recommend them. All on YouTube


I think it’s “Eat Race Win”. It’s on Amazon Prime. There are also some gravel documentaries - one on Belgian Waffle and a couple others that should pop up in the search



The Chase by TrainerRoad

Outskirts / Outskirts 2 by Rapha

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The Movistar documentary is excellent. Not just for the honesty of the riders but also the management.


Not cycling, but ultra-endurance running. See if you can find “The Barkley Marathons” - one of the most brutal sports documentaries I’ve ever watched.


Rapha have a whole slew of films with the Morton brothers. From memory their is a Labrador Highway one, a Route 66 one, one in east Asia. Plus the alternative season films for Dirty Kanza, GBDuro, 3Peaks etc… Think they are all on YouTube or Vimeo.

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also, have a free 1 year subscriptions to watch all the ITU and Olympic races.

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“Sunday in Hell” it’s a documentary about the 1976 edition of Paris-Roubaix. Should be floating around on youtube somewhere.


Another ITI1000 movie.

Greg LeMond vs Hinault:

There’s the two American Crit movies that are worth watching:

But I prefer the YouTube segments from/about Legion


In the UK this is on Amazon Prime Video

1 Like excellent watch about G and Bernal

Breaking Away if you’ve never seen it!


Chasing Legends is a great one

We Are Triathletes - it’s on Amazon, amazing quality documentary about various pros and age-groupers in the build up and race day of Challenge Roth.

Seriously worth a watch!

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Check out the Rapha / EF series on YouTube. Covers Lachlan Morton doing enduro, gravel etc.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.


All of the Thereabouts films, made by/with the Morton brothers. They’re all excellent This is the first one. Lowest budget but arguably the best

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Movistar just released a 6 episode documentary on Netflix that highlights their 2019 season. Worth a watch.

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