American Crit - New youtube documentary on Crit Racing

A friend of mine and his team filmed this documentary at the Gateway Cup in the fall. I think it’s a pretty good look deep into Criterium Racing in America.



Thanks for sharing. That’s my Friday viewing sorted :+1:

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Very inspiring!

SWEET! That is my hometown big race of the year

Thanks @Pete ! I made the mistake of starting to watch a “few minutes” at work…now I just want to go crush training.

“I’m looking for guys that have a passion for the sport that want to grow. That bring a level of performance to it but also need to go up a level. I need them to want to go up a level. That’s the key. Even if they’re good, even if they’re already good at winning, they have to want to go up one level higher. Because that’s got to be the attitude of the team – it’s “what’s next”. The team is on this trajectory and I need humans on that trajectory. Like it’s not cool if we have an endless cycle of okayness. You know what I mean? I want to go win, I want to go kill things. I want to go fucking smash it." - Steve Cullen


HA!! if this short film does not want to make you get that training in nothing will! Bring on the season!


Really interesting and well shot documentary. I noticed some Clif jerseys in there too.

As a european, I did find the main guy a little American for my tastes though :wink:


This makes me want to race so bad!!! Minnesota winters means i still am 3 months out minimum. Great video thanks for sharing.

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Great video!

I’m American and find him a little American for mine as well…


Just added to my watch later. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, I watched this an two things really stood out.

Damn, you love a good crit in America. Those crowds were amazing. The other thing was the size of the field. I’m guessing 80-100 riders. That’s huge! You’ve got to be comfortable in the bunch for sure. Are the fields always that size? I’m used to fields of 30, maybe 40 so moving through the bunch isn’t such an issue.

You can never really tell but the pace looked keen too. Are the courses typically four corner bombers?

Great video. Watched it while do a workout this morning.

Some of the big ones are up to 125…yaaaaa, it makes for fun pack riding.

I think I saw @Pete! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Plus this:
“Everyday I’m nothing special until I put this kit on…”
I’ve long suspected that bike racers are closeted superheroes. :wink:


This series is in my hometown and over Labor Day weekend so it brings out the crowds (a lot of cyclist, racers, non racers, regular people). The races shown are all four corner (they race the 3 out of the 4 held that weekend), they are held in neighborhoods and parks and everyone that lives on the courses throw house parties.

The pro races (what is shown) are the last ones held and are nuts…the wind that follows them as they pass makes your hair on your arms raise! So fast!! The Cat 4 races (what I do) don’t quite bring the crowds :rofl::rofl:

This series is the at the end of our season and the amount of testosterone in the non pro classes is over the top and crashes are common every damn year. I have a lot of 2/3 guys on my team that won’t race due to the sketch and wrecks. The running joke at the line is “Cross is coming” as everyone is done with Crits and ready for chill and fun racing (not really but super safe)!

Two years ago someone wiped out in front of me in the 3rd race (Giro held in the Italian neighborhood) and I wounded up with 2 broken ribs…i guess that is Crit racing. This year it was, make through all four races without wrecks and I consider it a win. Most of the 4 races are 75-80 guys and I got a couple of 10-15 places, lets just say I was satisfied especially as a teammate got the omnium win!


Interesting video, a bit dramatic, could have done with some more footage of the actual races. Agree with the post above about how “American” the main guy is, he’s really trying to sell it!


As I said previously, it looks and your post confirms that it’s a total mix of brilliant and bonkers.

You guys would be very underwhelmed with the UK crits I race. Airfields and industrial sites just don’t attract the crowds :rofl:

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I lived in St. Louis a while in the seventies. Love the neighborhoods. I can just see the front porch city house parties. Thanks for that insight.

I’d have to agree