Drive to Survive - Tour de France edition: Unchained

Think it’s actually called Inside the Peloton. Just saw the trailer for this coming out on Netflix. Looking forward to watching this!


Drive to Survive made F1 accessible to alot more people…hope this does the same for bike racing!

Stoked for this and loving the recent trend after Drive to Survive to make similar docuseries about sports that do not receive the same full media attention. Just finished Full Swing and I can’t stand to watch golf on TV…but watched and really enjoyed every episode.

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Working my way through it now…good trainer material.

Really lost a lot of respect for some of the golfers that went to LIV.

And Koepka’s wife just struck me as creepy AF and an opportunist.

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Is it going to be called Pedal to Survive?

I thought driving was cheating?

I thought it was supposed to be called “Unchained”…seriously.


It really looks excellent. I can definitely see people who don’t already watch cycling tuning in after watching the trailer.

That’s kind of a bummer. Do non bike-racing people know what a peloton is, if not a piece of $$$$ workout equipment?

Think they missed an opportunity on using “Ride or Die” for the series name :sunglasses: I’d totally check that out.

Maybe they’re trying a little search engine optimization by including the word peloton? I agree though, not the most creative title.


None of the titles are…”Drive To Survive” (F1), “Break Point” (tennis), “Full Swing” (golf)

Tired cliches seem to be their brand for names. :crazy_face:

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I just hope that if they use Unchained, we get some Van Halen


It didn’t just make F1 accessible, it made it infinitely more interesting. And I say that as a racing fan / amateur race car driving person myself.


I don’t know why they didn’t just call it Ride to Survive. Simple and would clearly signal to people “oh this is the bike version”. Maybe they didn’t want to dilute the main drive to survive brand.


This lady is creepy to you??? Haha, every time I see Koepka, I think about this

Nailed it!


The show that has yet to come out or the F1 equivalent? I am confused.

I think this is great and if it has a chance of making cycling more mainstream, especially in the States, then I am for it.

Why can’t you have both: the racing and the personalities?


Fair enough.

I am excited for more cycling content and am curious what storylines and characters they try to make out of last year’s Tour and peloton. I enjoyed Drive to Survive and it made me a casual fan of F1. The hope is this series does the same for people new to cycling.

The real question is who will be the “Daniel Ricciardo” of Unchained!


Stay in the saddle

Pedal to progress

No holds handlebarred

But I think Ride to survive made the most sense ina series similarity .

Although I agree Drive to Survive seems and is known as being very “produced”, I am hoping this brings cycling more to the mainstream in the US. I dream one day of not fearing for my safety every time I ride outside.


I totally agree, but if I’m being honest, I don’t envision the people we need to pay attention to be the type who watch shows with subtitles.