Cycling Performance Lab In Wisconsin

I am looking for a cycling performance lab near Wisconsin. I have toyed around with the idea of getting a lactate meter, but without the other data, I’m feeling like I won’t have the whole picture. If anyone knows of a lab that can do proper cycling testing, I’d appreciate the advice. Any other thoughts on use of a lactate meter without the insights a proper lab can provide, I’d love to hear those opinions.

Thanks, Kurt

Weren’t Nate and Jonathan going to do something at Marquette during a Tour of America’s Dairyland one year? I don’t think it actually happened, but that makes me think there’s something there for you to look into.

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There is an Inscyd testing facility in Highland Park, IL at Vision Quest which is less than an hour away from the Wisconsin border.

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This looks like it. Services // HPAC // Marquette University

Am I correct that Inscyd is using a software based protocol, as opposed to a metabolic cart, mask, etc. it does appear that they do lactate testing in their facilities.

The do blood lactate testing. Not sure if they have a metabolic cart … I just went there for Inscyd testing (blood lactate)

I hope you don’t mind sharing. I was about ready to purchase a lactate tester as I have nurse wife that can assist me in getting clean results, which seems to be the greatest issue folks have, but when I started thinking about it, I realized that without the metabolic testing, I really don’t have anything to reference the lactate results, against, except estimates that are certainly not individualized. Inscyd uses a proxy of a physical metabolic cart, that is utilizing various protocols that the rider performs, and in person lactate testing, so what’s been your experience in the results and do feel they nailed it. Do you have a process to retest to see positive results from the information you’re given? Did you feel you needed to be a subscriber to gain the full benefit from it. Lots of questions…thanks a lot.

Honestly, I don’t remember the testing protocol and I was not an Inscyd subscriber … I was just issued a report that gave me several numbers like Vo2, Fatmax, etc.