Cycling Memes and Jokes

I’m totally fine with working through different units. Do the math and the jobs done.
I had to to work in perches and links the other day.

Writing down the date MM/DD/YYYY makes no sense at all.

Can things go back to taking the piss out of funny stuff going on at the moment? With a cycling theme of course.


I work globally. I just use DD-MMM-YYYY. It makes sure everyone understands. You can’t mistake 21-DEC-2020.


We wonderful Canadians did manage to do the biggest imperial/metric screw-up ever.

I firmly believe we should all use ISO 8601 personally.

That way nobody is happy except for programmers.


I’m going to start sharing my ride distances in KMs but revelation in ft, that way my ride numbers look bigger

2 Likes,10%2C%201999%3A%20Metric%20Math%20Mistake%20Muffed%20Mars%20Meteorology%20Mission,units%20from%20English%20to%20metric.


:rofl: True story. He waited for me to get close and then dropped me up the 1km hill. Never to be seen again.
I hope it was an e bike!!!

(Edit: I actually hit my fastest lap for the year around the very popular river loop today. Loads of bikes out and not a single bike passed me which is rare. That’s what made it so funny even though it had a motor).


“English to Metric”

As an Englishman and a scientist (kinda), I resent that label.

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I remember earlier this year, a few weeks after the start of lockdown in the Uk when the roads were dead. I was out on a long-ish ride. I was coming through a small village, and reaching the hardest part of the ride. As you leave the village, the road tilts up, and it’s a 2k slog into the prevailing wind at 3-4%. Then it turns sharp right, giving you a few hundred metres of false flat, before turning sharp left and hitting a ‘proper’ climb (6-7% for a little over 3k). It’s a tough 5-6k stretch, especially when you’ve got a few km fatigue in your legs.

Anyway, as I was a few hundred metres into the first drag, I saw someone pull out of a side road just before the road turns right, and immediately set my mind on catching them. He probably had a 300m headstart. On the false flat section I seemed to be gaining steadily, though I did note his low cadence seemed odd. Up the proper climb I killed myself - I think I’ve only ever gone about 5s faster up there - and took 50 metres at most out of the guy.

Just before the road reaches the top there’s a car park (and a small nature reserve). I see this guy casually dismount and wander over towards the ice cream van. He’s 60 if he’s a day. He’s barely out of breath. As I slog past him, gasping for air, thinking about jacking it all in, I see it… he’s on an ebike :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :rofl:


And now back to our regularly scheduled funny stuff…



Despite having only ever lived in America, I do everything involved with cycling. What’s not to love…I weigh less, ride further, faster and its an much easier system to use.

Van life word of warning.


What a shitty joke…


I thought it was a turd, too.