Cycling Memes and Jokes

First time I cut a fork, I think I measured it over a dozen times. My MIL was a residential builder, and always said ‘measure twice, cut once’. I just measured it all of the ways I thought I could screw it up, and added a half inch, just in case. You can add spacers, but making it longer is damn near impossible. Like the business I ran for decades: running computer network wiring. One client objected to the cost of a ‘drop’, and the ‘excess wire’, but I said, if I had to run the wire again because it was too short, it would double the cost. (Plus, TBH, we didn’t bill by the foot for most drops anyway)

But in life, it’s kind of a general truism: ‘You can make it shorter, you can’t make it longer’. (After all the sweating over length, the steer tube cut was perfect! I lucked out)

I have a picture of myself during a ride posing with my tongue out. The resulting picture makes it look like I was licking my bars. I sent it to my brother (trying to get him to ride more) and said that I was not licking my bars: ‘I don’t think I’d survive it, and seriously doubt it would be psychedelic’. He said he almost fell down laughing. I guess you had to be there, but it’s Sunday.

Silly things… I mean, that picture couldn’t be better staged. :flushed: :nauseated_face:

I always thought that everyone marks the steerer with a pencil or sharpie when you mount the stem at the height you want with the top cap off?
Is this some new stem/steerer contraption that doesn’t allow for that anymore?

It was a mistake.

where are all of the Roglic memes? :smiley:



He has Richie Porte disease. Symptoms include not being able to ride for 21 days without crashing.

Sucks - I think he should go all in on 1 weekers and take em all season long.


Taken from FB:


Stay Classy Tour de France…

I wish I would have screen capped the guy cheering while holding a beer keg over his head when Pog passed by.


I’d take that every single time over the idiot who hit Tadej

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Great stage

So I didn’t just imagine that…not cool at all. Those crowds at the top give me the heebie jeebies. I would NOT want to ride through that.


The breakaway looked at it, it was a packet of crisps in the face. Then he did it again to Vingegaard but with an empty hand! The picture of his face is clear I hope the cops pick him up for this!



Not that we need another reason to spend money on bikes… but it’s science. :rofl:




Gonna need more than $45k for that van!


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Yeah, I don’t understand why someone would travel to the route, stand there for hours, all to be a malignant douche. WTH?!?! ‘Your guy’ isn’t leading so you do that? It’s just a bike race, and ‘your guy’ could be the leader after the next stage. The stupidity of some people. The malignant stupidity.

I wouldn’t want to be a bike racer after seeing so many stupid stunts by ‘fans’. The clogged roads, the elbows, fists, crisps, asses, cameras, random junk, sprayed, dogs (rarely, TF) and all of it… :roll_eyes:

I would be an awe of the leaders doing what would be, for me, super human… Is this some king of ‘football mentality’? And if so, lord help us for the future. Yikes…

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I hadn’t heard he’d done it because someone else wasn’t leading, I thought he’d done it to both Jonas and pog. Can you provide details on this, or just link to whatever article you saw?