Cycleops hammer resistance

Lately I’ve been feeling like my pedaling with the Hammer (erg mode) has been more labored, not in like my RPE or HR, but like there’s more resistance and can’t keep my cadence up. It’s likely all in my head, but makes me wish I had another power source to verify whenever I get crazy ideas in my mind lol

Have you done a calibration?

Yeah, I do them regularly. I totally think it’s a me thing vs a technical thing

I’m in the other end of the spectrum. I feel like I have to keep a higher cadence to stay on the target power for workouts. I’m new to smart trainers and still trying to figure it out. I did the initial calibration a few weeks ago but haven’t done it since. I’ve lrobably been on the trainer 4 times since I’ve calibrated it. I also noticed today that it took a really long time to slow down, which made it impossible to catch up to the workout after a sprint. Thoughts?

That long coast time is a result of the heavy flywheel. Also, if you can and like it, using lower gearing (small ring on and road bike) will spin the FW slower, and let the app get in control of it a bit sooner.

If you are on PC, I use a trick.

  1. During recovery of the warmup, press the M key, to switch into Resistance mode.
  2. Use the Right arrow to increase the Resistance to about 25%.
  3. Press the m key 2 moretimes, to get back into ERG mode.
  4. When you get about 5-10 seconds from the end of a sprint, press M to hit Resistance mode, this will grab the FW sooner than waiting ERG.
  5. Press the m key 2 moretimes, to get back into ERG mode, and repeat as needed.

Thanks. I’m on a mac and already am riding in the small ring. I’m going to try re-calibrating the trainer and seeing how that goes.