Stac Zero Halcyon Calibration against Stages Left Sided PM

I’ve just finished messing around getting my new Halcyon Trainer calibrated against my Stages PM. It took a few goes, altering the scale factor to get it to match up as close as possible. This was my first time using Erg mode. Definitely a skill which needs to be acquired. One thing I learnt on the first run through was no daydreaming when the intensity changes!! This from the DC Rainmaker analyser tool.


Interesting data! I know what you mean about the daydreaming… sometimes if I’m not paying attention the resistance will change and drag my cadence down with it. Riding in ERG mode isn’t as mindless as one might think!

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hey @ carytb I have just got this set up and it currently leaves a lot to be desired.

Any tips?

What problems are you having specifically. I’v got mine working OK in Erg mode. I’ve not tried Sym or Resistance yet though. I’ve been comparing average power against my Stages on virtually every workout and after applying a correction factor of 1.78 they are matching on each workout by about +/- 2 and a bit %. I’m now chasing my tail a bit and I’m don’t think its going to get any better than that. I’ll post some screen shots from my phone as to how I’ve got it set up. Ignore the Sim setting as I’ve never used it.



What is that third screen? The one with the green and red section?

I swear I have never seen that before!

I think it’s the one at the bottom of the home screed which says “Ride” I’m on the Android version. I’ve also got the response in Erg set so it’s just Comfortable

Thanks dude i see that now.

Can you set the resistance to be 0 before you start?

It seems like there is a fair bit of fiddling with this Trainer!

Too true. I’m not sure about setting the resistance to zero. Are you on the latest firmware. 2 something because on that it calibrates as you pedal and doesn’t increase the resistance when you start. Ive found the road feel on erg with 50 X 13 to be really good.