Erg mode issue on Hammer

I have spanish needle -3 on tap for Saturday. I’ve had issues doing this type of workout in erg mode before. The recovery is where it gets tricky cause the flywheel doesn’t slow down fast enough. Am I better off taking it off erg mode for this workout?

If you’re not already, small ring up front and easyish gear on the cassette. Spins the flywheel slower so it doesn’t take much time to spin down. Works pretty well for me on my hammer.



Small ring / middle of the rear cog. I’ll try an easier gear to see if that helps. Thanks for the tip!

Here is an option if you are using PC.

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I’m on a Mac.

Ok, you can still change modes easily via the control on the lower part of the screen. Sadly, the ‘M’ key short only works on PC right now.


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