CX Heckles to Cheer

Headed to a CX race tomorrow to support friends - they asked for heckles. What are your favourite CX heckles?

my buddy loves “you paid for this suffering!”

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“You should sell you bike and take up pickleball”


It’s all uphill from here!

Remember that you do this for fun!

Smiling makes it hurt less!

Bigger grins better wins!

Victory beers are for winners!

You pay to do this?

You look like you’re hurting more than the guys around you.

You’re pre-riding, right?

Try harder!

I missed your deadline - hope the race was fun!

If you go to another race here’s a different kind of way to get a rouse out of the crowd and riders. Throw down a $1, a couple $1s, or even a $5 on the course. You and along with others around you start pointing the bucks out to the racers and eventually someone on subsequent laps not having a great race gets some cheers when they dismount and grab the $. Even better when the leaders grab. Enjoy!


I like when they are taped to the barriers!

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