First practice crit tomorrow - apparently not racing to win

So I’ve made myself get out there to race tomorrow. But apparently I don’t have a shot, someone who is signed up raced another crit today and apparently just rode off the front right off the start and averaged like 350w. My only hope is to try and draft as long as I can if he pulls a similar move lol

I say that half in jest, id have to ask people who were there but I wonder if the field wasn’t organized enough to reel the guy back in

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Okay, very important. It’s a practice crit. There’s nothing at stake. You’re out there to get some bike handling skills, get a good workout, get experience with crit racing, and have fun. The dude motoring off the front on the first lap? He’s getting nothing out of it.

Go out there, hope to hang in there, meet some people, have fun. I promise you, you’ll enjoy it more than the dude sandbagging a practice crit.


Yeah I’m just out there to get back my road racing sea legs. I’ll probably end up starting it like a Cx race and sprint from the start! Mostly I’m just amazed at how every year there’s always a super strong person just blowing through the lower cats. Honestly have zero expectations besides seeing how my legs stack up and maybe try and make a break

For a practice crit, the point is to get practice at race skills. I never understand these people who ride off the front in a practice crit and just stay out there solo. Go out there and try some stuff. See how it feels. Better to stay towards the front, most definitely. Pay attention to what wheels you want to avoid, and keep the rubber side down! Have fun, let us know how it goes!!