Cross is here! - 2022 Cyclocross Discussion

Didn’t see a thread for this season, so here we go!

Racing kicks off this weekend for me. I haven’t done any cx specific training and did my first skills ride of the year yesterday. So, I’m well primed for success this season lol

How’s everyone else feeling going into the season? What are your goals, target races?


Our local federation hasn’t announced our schedule yet and it makes me sad. But my new geared bike is ready!


First race this weekend. Fitness-wise I feel pretty good. Had a really good road season and my FTP is the highest it’s ever been. Finished up a solid 2-week block of VO2 max work last week. Not sure if I’ll benefit this soon from that, I have some bigger races at the end of the month.

Skills-wise, that’s another story. I’ve only been on the CX bike a few times. I did some dismounts and remounts practice in my front yard but this is a new bike so the first race should be interesting.


Leading my first beginner cross skills clinic next week for our small local group. Gonna be like the blind leading the blind. Haven’t raced since pre-pandemic times and haven’t seen 30+ mins of 200bpm so we’ll see if I really remember how to suffer.

Should probably see if my tubulars need to be reglued at some point too…


Fitness is good after lots of 4+ hr weekend rides over the summer. Did a local summer CX race recently on a Monday evening after a fast 85 mile ride on Sunday, and legs still felt good. Skills were ….so so … but really happy with how it went. Still felt fairly content that evening when Strava told me that my 13 year old son (in an earlier race, but on the same course) was consistently lapping 5-10 secs per lap faster than me. I knew that day would come, but already ….? :sweat_smile:


My first season of cross is coming.
Is there a source where tires are properly compared? BRR has a few, but not many.

The Specialized tracer would be very interesting for me!
Any experience on them?

I’m confused … the BRR table for CX/Gravel tyres has a bunch of slick Road tyres in it …? :thinking:

Honestly, I’d look carefully at what riders in your area on your terrain are using … CX tyres are so specific to your preferences and local conditions.

In the UK I find that in early season (dry, fast courses) I’ll be on a file tread like Donnelly LAS (now really hard to get in the UK…) or Vittoria Terreno Dry. Then when it starts to get muddy, a Donnelly MXP, Challenge Grifo or Schwalbe X-One Bite.

Edit: PDX is a mud tyre, LAS is Donnelly’s file tread

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First race of the season on Sunday, then basically every week until Christmas.

Fitness is…meh. Did some crit racing over the summer for the first time, maybe that’s helped? Finished a few weeks ago now though.

Done a few cross practice sessions this year already, but I also ride my cross bike over the summer, so hope skills are still there.

The weather forecast actually has rain for the weekend!

As said above, tyre choice is really dependend on the course, and even on the condition of the course. You might want to start on one tyre and switch to another one if it cuts up, or (rarely) dries off. Plus it depends how you ride, whether you like more grip or less, even what pressure you run. So its not really something that’s easy to put into tables.

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wait what now? The PDX is a mud tire

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I started cross specific training last week. For me, that means 30/30 workout midweek with a short 20min run and then a broken threshold workout with short dismounts on the weekend. Endurance riding otherwise. I won’t race til the end of sept but I have my sights set on a string of races late oct to Christmas. This will be my first time racing in 6 years and I’m going in as a former cat 2. Wish me luck!

I’m fitting into this thread way more than I was expecting having not raced cross since pre covid.

As far as goals, just having fun and improving. Cross has always been my worst cycling discipline by a fair margin (compared to road and track, anyhow). Also, if I’m being honest, nailing a good race photo for use in a dating profile would be good, too :upside_down_face:

Doh! Good spot, I meant Donnelly LAS ….

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Pdx is actually a pretty fast dry tire so wanted to clarify


What‘s your experience with going reverse mullet (grippy in the front, slippery in the back)?
Like Schwalbe X-One (Speed/ Allround) back and Schwalbe X-One (Allround/ Bite) front.

Never tried to be honest … I usually want front grip for direction and rear grip for drive, I hadn’t thought to mix and match.

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Headed out for a 2 day skills clinic.

Let’s see how ready I am?

  1. Low FTP (159). Check!
  2. Terrible w/kg (1.95). Check!
  3. Ancient CX bike with clinchers and v-brakes. Check!
  4. No race experience whatsoever. Check!
  5. Old man status of 54yo. Check!
  6. Great attitude and willing to have fun. Check!

God help me…I may die this weekend.

First real race next Saturday. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one lap in before being pulled.


#6 is all that matters!


If it’s dry, yep, can work. Usually when it’s muddy you need the rear grip for getting up steep inclines, and also for slogging through deep mud.

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They don’t pull riders locally, you just do less laps… When it starts to really suck, don’t miss a beer hand up!

The beauty of cross is you can race as hard as you want, when the wheels fall off, instead of trying to go really deep, focus on hitting your lines and enjoy the party.