Custom Workout Based on Strava Segment

Creating custom workouts based on Strava Segments to train with. Has anyone been working on creating their own custom workouts to try and get their KOMs?

I have created a custom workout based on a segment and would love feedback on how it looks.

Strava Segment Hill x10

This workout is based on the following segment in Strava.

Buena Vista Hill x10


Can’t see the custom workout (gets an error… I think private workouts can’t be directly linked). But the thing about translating a real-world route into TR is the power needed for any given rider will vary wildly with the terrain, weight, and aerodynamics. Eg, a rider with a 5+ w/kg will need the “climb” intervals to be much shorter than a 3 w/kg rider, but then flat-sections your absolute ftp will matter more. And there’s no way to accomplish that in a TR workout for general use. At best you can design the workout around you and your current capabilities, and that’s fine. As you get fitter you may or may not want to tweak the workout to match.

If you wanted to do more of this, I think I’ve seen rouvy lets you build routes on real roads and ride them a bit like zwift.

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