Creating Custom TR Workouts to match non-TR rides

Hi All,

I’ve been experimenting with trying to incorporate non-TR outdoor rides into TR to enable the AI to do it’s thing with the progression levels. The problem i have though is that TR keeps thinking all my outdoor workouts are “breakthrough” by a long margin. let me explain

I go out and do repeats on my favourite 15 minute climb. When i get home i create a custom TR workout that reflects:

  • Interval 1: Ride to hill (45 minutes @ 200watt average),
  • Interval 2 and 3: Hill repeats (15 minute effort @ 350watt) and recovery (3 minute effort @ 100 watt)
  • Repeat intervals 2 and 3, 4 times
  • Interval 10: Ride home (45 minutes @ 150watt)

The power figures i use for the custom workout intervals i pull from my power meter as an average for the different parts of the ride. I find this really easy to do as i just press lap button on my Garmin and then on strava i can select each individual lap segment and it will tell me the average power used in that lap (or interval).

Now here is what happens. I’ll use VO2 as the example. before i did this my VO2 score on TR was 4.5 or something similar. i go out and do the ride, come back and generate the TR workout, then associate my outdoor ride with that customer workout - and TR scales the workout as a level 13.5 VO2 workout, which is clearly not reflective of my fitness as i tried doing the suggested 13 odd vo2 workout and i was toasted very quickly.

The way i see it, either i’m a lot stronger outside than i am inside (on the same bike and the same power meter), or, TR grossly overvalues custom activities?

Has anyone else experimented with this and had good results?

TR has admitted that the current method of “scoring” custom workouts for PLs is wonky. Which my experience with my custom workouts backs up. WLv2 is supposed to fix this + alleviate the need to create a TR workout to get PL credit for outside rides. My suggestion is to wait for WLv2 to get PL credit for outside non-TR workouts.

FYI: Today you do get AI FTP “credit” for your outside rides