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If we have completed our Base already, is there anyway to have custom training plan starting from Build phase?

I believe you can backdate the start of a custom plan, which will take into account the base plan.


:point_up::+1:. Or just click on the phase in the calendar and change it to whatever you want.

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Good question!

@James_Sanderson has the right idea here. If you’ve already completed all of your Base training, you could backdate the start of your plan to start your custom plan in the Build phase if you’d like.

For instance, a stock plan with no events could have 12 weeks of Base training (4 weeks of Base 1, 4 weeks of Base 2, and 4 weeks of Base 3), so setting the start date of your plan to 12 weeks prior to today should have you pick up at the beginning of the Build phase.

Not all custom plans are the same though, so you might have to do a little playing around and looking at the “Plan Timeline” before applying it to your calendar to make sure that things are lining up where you want them.

In your case @Thebigred I’d probably recommend that you simply plug your events into Plan Builder and let it do its thing. I don’t see a need to adjust anything based on your training history and the timing of your next event.

Also, just a reminder that A events need to be either within 8 weeks of each other or at least 12 weeks apart in order to be in peak form for both.

@MI-XC just as a heads-up you can only manually change each phase into other variations of that type of phase. For instance, Base phases can only be switched to other types of Base phases, and Build phases can only be switched to other types of Build phases.

Thank you. All above are great advices!

But then how the model works? When it builds the custom plan, how many days of previous data it is looking into? If let’s say I am coming from a 16 weeks base training done outside of TR, and if it is not recorded in TR, how does AI determines on which WOs to be in build period? The reason I am asking is custom plan always considers base WOs. Just trying to understand the logic behind it.

Plan Builder isn’t considering the training you’ve done outside of TR when building out your custom training plan. Instead, it’s considering any future events on your calendar and building a training plan from those dates back to today.

Working backward like this allows Plan Builder to ensure that the training that’s put in place is designed to best prepare you for your target event(s) given the time between now and race day.

This is why some choose to adjust the start date of their plan IF they’ve done a proper Base block prior to building out a plan.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any other questions! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not really, then what if the workouts done outside TR but synced to TR with the power data available. It really does not make sense creating a plan considering future event without looking into athletes historical power data, at least 30 to 90 days.

While your past training history is important, Plan Builder functions by looking at the time between now and your upcoming event(s) and serving you the workouts that will best develop your fitness during that period.

If you’d like your training plan to incorporate the time in the past that you’ve spent training, we’d recommend setting the start date of your training plan as the same day that you started your training that season.

How does model know about my fitness? What if it recommends a plan same as an untrained athelete?

The workouts that we prescribe are based on your FTP and Progression Levels. :muscle:

Adaptive Training will continue to tailor the workouts to your abilities based on your performance. As you start knocking out workouts, you’ll likely have pending adaptations that you can accept which will adjust your future workouts to your fitness.

Below are a few links that have some really good information on these features!

So then it does look into the past performance via progression levels. If I sync my 30/60/90 or whatever days of data to TR, my power curve is changed as a result my progression levels is changed as well.

Thanks for the clarification :+1:

Mostly right:

  • As of now, only actual TR workouts (inside and outside) are considered for assigning Progression Levels, which drive Adaptive Training assignments and adaptations. In TR’s wording “unstructured” rides and workouts like group rides, races and other non-TR workouts are NOT considered in PL’s.

  • Those unstructured rides ARE considered for Red Light Green Light right now, so that fatigue monitoring aspect is covered.

  • But we still have to wait for Workout Levels 2.0 to get full PL assignment to the non-TR workout stuff.

How about non TR structured workouts?

Unless you follow and associate a TR workout per these instructions, those won’t contribute to PL changes.

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Not sure if I have to associate it with a TR workout in order to have PL moving.

Let me give you an example. I usually have my workouts written on TP and then synced to TR. Once I complete the workout and synced it and then associate it with the structured non-TP workout, PLs are still changing.

Correct, TR automatically calculates Progression Levels for workouts synced from TP. I assume this is true for workouts synced from other platforms as well. I frequently abuse this feature to compose custom SS/Z4/Z5 progressions for myself.

But it does not calculate PLs for unstructured rides that have no underlying workout yet.

If you look at your calendar, you can see that all of your custom workouts have Workout Levels assigned to them. These will feed your Progression Levels as you complete them.

For example, the workout you have scheduled this Friday has been given a Workout Level of 4.0 in the VO2 Max zone. Passing this workout will bump your VO2 Max Progression Level up to 4.0.


One thing to note here though, is that at this point, we can’t endorse the Workout Levels of custom workouts. Currently, Workout Levels are calculated uniquely for custom workouts and are not comparable to the Workout Levels of workouts in the TrainerRoad workout library. So while as of now we will assign your custom workouts Workout Levels, they won’t necessarily compare to those of similar level TR workouts.

It is important to know that you should only manually associate an activity with a TrainerRoad workout if the work that you’ve done matches the profile and description of the TR workout. Otherwise, your Progression Levels can quickly become inflated and inaccurate which can lead to the wrong workouts being prescribed and potentially even burnout down the road.

However, when following TrainerRoad plans Adaptive Training uses Workout Levels to find the workout from our library that’s right for you each day. As your fitness changes, we’ll adjust what’s coming up to compensate.