Cue Sheet for Fondo Template - HELP!

Hi there - i have enetered a fondo this weekend and would love to print out a cue sheet.

I know this has been mentioned on the pod previously but i couldn’t find a link to a template anywhere.

Does any kind soul have a template ? or similar for excel ?

I am looking to print and put on top tube or stem

many thanks in advance !!!

@mcneese.chad - wondered if you had any ideas?

Do you mean for nutrition or something? A fondo is going to have a LOT of cues to try to put on the top tube.

I use RideWGPS for my routing and it has printable cue sheets in the app. I’m sure other tools do too.


not for nutrition for and aid stations / climbs etc

Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 09.14.40

basically trying to make something like the image below

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You can do this easily with EXCEL…

just make a table with the data you want and print to the size of your top tube…

not sure how useful a template is