Site or something for making quick and useful route notes to go on my stem?

I’m doing a three day training camp, and none of us have bike GPS units (we’re all using cellphones or multisport watches), so was thinking a stem mounted cheat sheet would be great.

Any suggestions? Map it in google and copy/paste the google directions into excel and edit until it’s about right?

Maybe there’s a site or something with lots of useful images to make a graphic heavy cheat sheet?


Excel is your friend here, imo. The simpler, the better.

I use screenshots of Google Maps routes I’ve plotted along with screenshots of road names, shops, notable looking buildings etc, then just flick through those as I’m rolling around. Great for showing to locals if you don’t speak the language as I find I often pronounce things way differently to how they’re supposed to be said and you just end up repeating some nonsense to an amused local :smiley: But if you don’t want to stop moving, like in a training camp then you’ll want a odometer at least.

The reason pros get away with notes on their stems is because they have a head unit that shows distance so they can make simple notes like ‘45KM turn right’ or just an arrow pointing left of right beside the distance. You won’t be able to do that without something mounted. You could use the Strava app on your phone mounted to a Q lock. That would work great. nice big clear screen showing distances and then the distances and directions on a bit of paper taped to your stem or top tube.

Have a browse through this for ideas maybe:…1…1…gws-wiz-img.oLn3lzTjnBE

You can also buy sticker backed paper to print on to make it even easier.

Sometimes this forum is out of control (what’s your favorite brand pillow, anyone)? I like a legal pad, a pair of scissors, a pen, and some clear packing tape. :wink:


+1 for the pen.

Just tried creating the route in google maps, and copying the text to excel to edit. After 40km, when the route changes from one highway to another, the odometer starts back at 0km. So that’s not so useful (My multisport watch does show distance etc, just no option for navigation.). I maybe created that issue by how I mapped the course. If there’s a way to copy the Garmin Connect Course across, then that should fix that. Just that google seems to be all about the destinations and dragging the route, so a little different to how I map with really small steps in Garmin.

I see no option for directions in Garmin. I’ve used a free mapping software to create GPX files back when I had an Edge 705, one DCRainMaker linked to I think. OpenStreetMap maybe?

What I was hopeful of by posting here, was someone saying something like ‘‘Garmin connect’’ or similar lets you print out notes, or some other site that I’d not found the feature on. I don’t mind spending a little time on this, but would prefer not to spend hours making the sheets (and I want them so we can just get on and do the rides without stopping to check directions all the time).

I’ll try to get something GoogleMaps + GoogleDocs based done tonight, but it’s sounding pretty manual right now.


I like RideWithGPS. It creates cue sheets for you. If you need any assistance, please reach out to me via PM.

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After trying a few things, I agree, RideWithGPS was the best for getting the info quickly for cheat sheets. I’ve made one for Day1, just need to do the 2 and 3 sheets now.


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Glad to help!!