Cross / Weeknight Races - Substituting Work-outs

I know this has probably been answered somewhere. What do you do with planned workouts and weeknight race series with cross? We have a seven week Tuesday night race series in Fort Worth which will be C races for me. I race the 30 minute B race (Cat 3,4,5) which is not that much TSS although I race it at HR threshold or above. Does that replace a high intensity workout? I usually do a high intensity TR workout on Monday and Wednesday mornings with low intensity workout on Tuesdays morning. I don’t get back until late so it usually interferes with my Wednesday workouts also. Any thoughts? Thanks!

For sure. It’s not going to be as specific in terms of structure, but it’s very RACE specific obviously and that’s a good thing.

What I would do is structure your week around Tuesday and then w/e racing you’re doing on the weekends. So now Tuesday becomes your weekly workout day.

M: Easy spin
T: Race
W: Endurance
Th: Active recovery or rest
F: Openers
S: Race
S: ?

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You probably will warm up for that race, so the race may be 30 minutes, but might look more like an hour or more if you count the warm up.

I agree with anthony. The race is your workout.

Thanks you all for the replies. It’s an evening race series. Pete mentions that the Clif team goes for a ‘spin’ during the day before evening races? What do you all think about a 30 minute endurance workout any evening race? I am just so accustomed to doing something in the mornings before work.