Custom Workouts through Mobile/Web on the Roadmap?

Are there any plans to add custom workout features to the web or mobile app? If so, is there an ETA?

I just signed up and would like to modify existing workouts or import my .mrc files. Linux and android user, so I’d like to be able to do this through the web interface.

A new Workout Creator is on our list of things to do but unfortunately, it is not high on our priorities list at the moment. We are currently trying to modernize our apps to make it easier for us to create and release updates in the future. I’m not sure what the structure of the new workout creator will be but when it does get released, it will be wayyyyy better than the one we have at the moment. I have heard talk of it being a web based feature but we don’t have anything set in stone for the design of it quite yet.


Makes sense. A way to import your own mrc files would be a great workaround in the meantime, though I’m sure that’s a lift too.