Create Custom Workout for use Outdoors

None yet, aforementioned advice still applies while the development team prioritizes higher urgency fixes and updates. Sorry I dont have better news.

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Ivy is this even on a roadmap anymore?

Depends upon what you mean by “on the roadmap”. If you mean with any sense of actually being delivered, then no. TR has indicated pretty clearly that updating workout creator is not a priority, and has no timeline for happening.

I have access to the garmin API (I have an online workout creator and I was hoping to allow people to export to garmin). I haven’t messed with it in a while, but I was able to successfully create a garmin workout for myself. From my pretty basic experience, I think it’s a challenge getting stuff translated from the inside format to garmin, where indoor workouts have specific percentages while outdoor stuff has ranges. Not knowing what TR has done to move their current library to outdoor workouts, I imagine it’s not a super automated process. So I’m not surprised this isn’t a top level update

Yes, it is still on the roadmap, and still unfortunately waiting for the higher priority queue of fixes and features to be cleared up a bit.

Within TR, what does “on the roadmap” mean versus being in the backlog? I’m used to “on the roadmap” meaning there is an actual release where the feature / functionality is identified as being part of that specific release. As opposed to being part of a backlog of features / functionality that we’d like to do at some point, but these are scheduled for a specific release.

For our internal and external terminology use, the roadmap is the latter. However, roadmap items are not things we’d like to do, it’s something we plan on implementing for sure, and often times have a few steps done incrementally. Roadmap items are usually prioritized based upon the number of athletes it will help get faster in the immediate future.


Maybe? I can parse completed files but I guess I’m not sure if those types of rides are done with erg or resistance mode and what the intervals are. It’s def easier with structured workouts but I’ve never tried riding an outside route to know how they handle resistance and power targets

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Any update when Create Custom Workout can be use Outdoors. We pay a lot of money to use TR, so maybe its time to listen to all the users who missing this part.

Hey, I definitely hear you that this request has been around for a while, and understand why our athletes want this feature in place.

As advised earlier on this thread, it’s truly not that the team doesn’t think this is an important fix; they do!
We just have to prioritize updates that are the most effective at helping the greatest number of athletes possible get faster in the immediate future. That can look like either knocking out bugs and implementing fixes, or allocating energy to really high priority releases like Workout Levels V2, that allows AT to work more effectively with unstructured rides.

We hear you loud and clear, and want to make this happen for you, but I want to set a clear expectation that this feature won’t get on the roadmap super soon while those urgent or high priority releases are still in the queue.
Until we have this feature in place within TrainerRoad, there are a couple workarounds to either create a custom workout in Garmin [here] and send it to your Garmin head unit [here], or to do so via Training Peaks [here].

I will provide updates here on the ability to push custom workouts outside as soon as they become available. Thanks!

I believe the advantage of creating in TrainingPeaks is that it also syncs back to TrainerRoad.

(Unless TR is now syncing Garmin workouts)

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Annual bump for status
Any news @IvyAudrain


Hey there! We don’t have any updates at this time. If we do, we’ll post them here!


Would love to see this feature enabled. Thanks.

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Hi, Any update on this?

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Not that I am aware of. Someone from TR would need to weigh in if this is even on a roadmap at this point…

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General idea for unsupported head units but may also benefit you guys who are trying to do custom workouts outside.

I do all my “indoor” workouts outside because I really don’t like riding a turbo, much preferring sunshine (when available) & the natural cooling of the breeze outside. To complete TR workouts I record using the TR app on my phone as well as my Lezyne Mega XL head unit. TR connects to sensors via bluetooth; Lezyne connects via Ant+. I’m using Bontrager speed/cadence & HR, & Favero Assioma Duo pedals, & all sensors communicate with both TR & Lezyne without issue. TR gets its native recording & Strava gets the Lezyne upload. TR refuses to import the Lezyne upload on Strava because they were overlapping recordings, so no issues with miscalculating TSS etc. After TR sends its workout to Strava I save the workout image & add it to the Lezyne upload, then delete the TR workout off Strava so that its stats are also correct.

At the start & end of work periods or intervals I’m interested in I press the lap button on the Lezyne so this shows up in Strava. The phone sits in a top tube bag & I glance at it very occasionally for interval duration & target, but the device I’m watching the most is the head unit. Naturally this works better for block intervals such as the Tray Mountain series, but is not so great for sloping intervals such as the Eclipse or Mills series. So if your workouts aren’t too complex this might be a viable solution.


Any updates on the Workout creator rewrite and custom outdoor workouts?
It’s a real shame that this feature seems to be very low priority for the team – I think it should fit nicely with the Adaptive Training & PL trend…

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