Distance from workout to garmin

Hi there.

I have always had a staged power meter, with a kickr v1, connected to both my Garmin and TrainerRoad for workouts.
I would traditionally delete the TrainerRoad workout when uploaded to Strava to avoid double up recordings.

I always got a distance reading in the Strava upload from the Garmin device upload, same as TrainerRoad.

Recently I got a kickr v4 and now I no longer get distance from the Garmin upload, although it records distance on the TrainerRoad upload.

My connection had been stages and kickr to both TrainerRoad and Garmin via ant+.

Hope all that makes sense!

Any thoughts to why no distance on Garmin now.

TR distance is just an estimation of your power to weight and you are still recording power so that’ll remain. Garmin estimation of distance is based on your trainer flywheel speed and nothing to do with power (stages) and youve a new trainer. There must be something different in your trainer set up. My first guess Garmin was paired to the V1 and isn’t to the V4.

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not really sure about the distance… anyways its artifical at best so hours should be better indicator. There is better way to avoid double workouts at strava. If you sync the TR to both strava and Garmin you do not need to record the activity in Garmin. Nowadays garmin supports TR workout for garmin input metrics like rest hours, load etc.

I hate that the TrainerRoad workout shows up as the blue graph etc. he Garmin upload just shows up as the time, power, distance etc.

I realise the distance calculation is an estimate, that doesn’t bother me, I want something there as looking at a weeks rides for no distance sucks ass.

That’s what I thought but then I always had the stages connected as to hay is the power that trainer road uses. Can’t connect both stages and kickr to Garmin at same time.

That sounds to me like your problem, I’ve both my ant+ power meter and trainer connected to my garmin at the same time. Contact support ( support@trainerroad.com), they are quite good at bottoming stuff like that out.


So how do you do that?
On my Garmin, once one is connected if you try to connect another power source the first one automatically disconnects.

It’s occurred to me that I think I used to have the kickr v1 connected to Garmin as “indoor trainer”.
The “trainer” option is no longer on the sensor connection screen for the edge 830.

Nothing complicated as far as I know, they both come up in the ant+ devices list (swipe down on the 1030) with my set up on pairing.