Cramping Early into a Workout

I just finished a recovery week, and when reassessing my FTP my right glute cramped about 10min into the test, to the point I had to stop. I tried again the next day and had no issues. Today I had an easy workout scheduled, and 10min into that both glutes cramped, and I had to stop. The cramp starts as a dull ache, and progressively gets worse to develop into a painful cramp. I’ve had cramps before after a few hours into a ride, the kind that hit you without warning, but these start with a slow ache and get to the point I have to stop only 10 minutes into a workout. Has anyone had something similar? I don’t think I’ve been doing anything differently with stretching or diet, but the day before I was in the car for about 7 hours, so maybe my glutes are tight from sitting so long.

Are drinking enough water?

It’s just a sign of over use, take it easy for a few days and come back to it gradually. :+1: