Headache after ramp test

Hello, 4 weeks ago I crashed my mountan bike and make me some damage in my hips. I ended up with a trochanteritis, I was training outside and have an FTP of 309 with a weight of 80 kilos.
Now my doctor says I need to exercice to help with the injury, recomended bike for 30 min. So I joined TrainerRoad and did the ramp test, but I was not ready for suffering and ended with a 254 FTP and a headache ¿did you have a headache after a hard effort?

Handy to be familiar with types of headaches, might help you sort identify a ‘cause’. For me I have a funny niggle in my neck through to my left shoulder and triggers cervicogenic headaches.
While it’s a lot better (for now) with chiro, they were terrible a month ago. Couldn’t ride comfortably and the harder efforts made it worse too! Really dragged my arse in the plan😂

Hey, if you think that’s a headache, try reading the “Best FTP test - ramp or 20 min?” thread…

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I know right! It’s great that people are so passionate and involved in the discussions but I felt bad for kicking off a forum storm with my innocent question :rofl:

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I’m as guilty as anyone!

Were you hydrated enough? Sometimes I get headaches when I haven’t had enough water.

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Cooling. A tiny slip in hydration will have a massive impact if you’re running hot.
Take it from someone who works outdoors in a hot climate. Hydration and cooling will stop 99% of that sort of headache.

PS. I just listened to the podcast #206. They discuss some really good cooling methods.

I found that I needed a very powerful fan to help cool my body down. I had slight headache caused by overheating. Fan has resolved that issue for me. It’s an industrial type fan, it’s loud, but works very well in keeping me from overheating.

thanks all, i will try to habe a bigger fan, and hydrate well.

really thanks

I have no headache after a ramp test. Think it is your first time and you not suited with the test. It will be ok within few days.